Cult of the Cheeks! A very serious review of a YT video

Personally, I’m not a fan of cartoonishly big butts or literal flesh bumpers. I prefer medium, and small butts. They just have a nicer aesthetic. But I do in fact enjoy a nice butt like any man should. Sir Mix A Lot would definitely agree.

The transition from polytheism to monotheism, and atheism wasn’t evolution. It was the rejection of the divine, and the fixation on the self. Monotheism is the worship of one, and Atheism is the worship of the self.

Worshipping one’s self inevitably leads to unchecked hedonism. The most perverse kind of it. Life is cyclical not linear.

So naturally the first sign of healing would be fertility cults. A very primitive conception of divine femininity with explicitly sexual tendencies. This is a return to tradition.

A return to truth.

There are already folks that worship the Gods, and Goddesses. The foundation is slowly being laid for the next step. We’re back in the animism to polytheism stage. That we were once in long ago. Monotheism, and Atheism represent a deviation.

Eroticism has always existed in one form or another. That’s totally normal, and harmless as long as there are limits. Pornography, and Tinder represent a grotesque parody of something beautiful.

They’ve reduced sexual activity to a commodity, and a hobby. It’s no longer special. Capitalism has devalued the human body, and physical intimacy.

There’s several factors that go into where we are now. There’s several cyclical history theories. I’ll just go with the simple one. It’s no longer Summer. We’re currently somewhere between Autumn, and Winter. The current ideals, and institutions are dying.

New ideals, and institutions are coming in Spring. Spring is coming but it’ll be a very long time before it arrives.

Capitalism is neither Left nor Right. It’s amoral, it values absolutely nothing but profit. Everything can be reduced to a commodity. Any idea can be promoted within this system.

It doesn’t discriminate.

If the ideas of Rosa Luxembourg are profitable. It’ll promote a capitalist approved variant of her beliefs. If the ideals of Heinrich Himmler are profitable. A capitalist approved variant will be presented. Same with Ayn Rand, Slavoj Zizek, and so many more.

The YouTuber is looking at this from an evolutionary psychological standpoint. Which is something I expected. It’s something I’m familiar with, and agree with. So I will not attempt to disprove or add my two cents on that.

He’s discussing things like waist to hip ratio, and how that relates to attraction. Discussion of Mother’s fat & viability of the offspring. That sort of thing.

We currently have a culture that is superficially patriarchal. It is matriarchal in many other ways. As much as I dislike the effeminate whining of the MGTOW. They’re great at pointing this out.

UFC Fighter Paddy Pimblett’s famous Men’s mental health speech exists because of our culture. Our culture considers men to be secondary beings of lower importance. If our culture valued men, and women equally. This speech wouldn’t have existed.

Controversial figures like Sneako, Andrew Tate, Camille Pagilia, and Jordan Peterson understand the male condition pretty well. You don’t have to like them. But you can still learn from them.

As much as the shift to worship of the self through capitalistic industry has led to interchangeability. It hasn’t discarded Victorian morals or Chivalry. It was twisted into something that benefits business interests.

In the Victorian Era, the Husband didn’t submissively placate his Wife. Who no longer respects him, and in some cases openly mocks him. Providing for her, and giving her a wonderful life was the expectation for men.

Bad 20th century economic policy decisions has made this damn near impossible today. But this is what women still expect from men. Which is why marriage is a no-go, and fast fucking is prevalent.

Social media has also made it hard for regular men to pursue regular women. There’s always some guy in a woman’s messages. Even the most plain looking woman you know of.

Promising them gifts, and trips for fun.

Iroquois women nominated Iroquois men to positions of power. They also took them out of it. Our culture isn’t the hierarchical & patriarchal ways of the Indo-Europeans. As much as the Sakai & Frankfurt influenced Progressives claim. It’s closer to tribal societies in North America, and Africa.

If European beauty standards were still dominant. The Kim Kardashian body type wouldn’t be an aspirational goal.

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