Nyx Nightly News: The Red Spin episode one

*Your radio host Baron is shuffling through his papers while the intro music finishes up.*

“There’s plenty to discuss this evening. The Red Wings beat the Sharks by 3 points. After an embarrassing loss to the Ducks. I’ve discussed how to make tuna taste like bbq pulled pork.” Said Baron

*Baron takes a sip of Dr.Pepper*

“We’ll be discussing the National Wrestling Alliance, politics, and other exciting topics this evening.” Said Baron

*Another silence because the intern is bringing him the Wendy’s he ordered on Doordash*

“The Baron hasn’t actively watched any wrestling company in almost a year. But I intend to begin again tonight. Well, I’ll try anyway” said Baron

*Takes another sip of Dr.Pepper after eating a French fry*

“There’s a wonderful article on Red Cult of Nyx on how to rebuild the NWA. You should definitely read it after the Red Spin brought to you by Nyx Nightly News. A member of the Red Cult Of Nyx Network.” Said Baron

*Mutes mic to ask the intern to grab him some Pringles*

“Austin Idol’s faction holds three championships. Tyrus is the World Heavyweight champion. Jordan Clearwater is the TV champion, and Cyon is the National champion.” Said Baron

*Promotion from our sponsors*

“The NWA TV championship was on the line. Jordan Clearwater versus Mims. It goes without saying but Billy Corgan’s NWA is lacking star power. Hopefully, the NWA can find a way to bring back some excitement.

At this moment, they’re probably in more of a drought than Impact is.

Enough about that let’s get to the match. This is quite possibly one of the worst championship matches I have ever seen. There’s nothing title defense worthy here. A six minute time limit diminishes the value of the championship.

Odinson actually looks impressive. A wrestling physique similar to 80s wrestling stars. The bodybuilder look that Vince loves.

He’s facing some guy named Ryan Davidson. Apparently, He’s a big deal in Louisiana.

Odinson versus Ryan Davidson was objectively better. Great storytelling, and competitiveness. Odinson should definitely try to become TV champion.

The main event is Aron Stevens versus Kratos. Kratos the wrestler not the God Of War main character. This Kratos also isn’t Kratos the God of Strength from the Greek religion. Just in case there’s anyone that is wondering.

Kratos does look like a comic book villain or the lead singer of a Disturbed cover band though.

Aron pretended like he didn’t want to wrestle in order to trick Kratos. Everything was a setup for two masked men to come out to beat up Kratos. Aron is actually a good classic heel chicken shit manager.

5 out of 10 episode of NWA Power.” Said Baron

*political advertisement from the Transhumanist Party*

*City Pop & Anime inspired transition music for the next segment is playing *

“Now we’re going to be reacting to two Internet personalities discussing Trump. SNEAKO, and the Catboy Catholic Nationalist Nick Fuentes.

SNEAKO thinks Nick Fuentes is bitter because Trump isn’t extreme enough. Trump has switched up his strategy, and presentation. Fuentes is upset about that.

SNEAKO is saying that Trump has learned to play the game of politics. Whereas Fuentes thinks he’s gone soft. Fuentes statements show that he’s stuck in 2016 to 2018.

The censorship coming from private corporations is a lot more severe now. Nick has been a victim of censorship, and he’s learned absolutely nothing. SNEAKO is the voice of reason here.

Nick says we need to be like Ye West. But look what happens to controversial figures like Ye West, Andrew Tate, and to some extent Trump.

The silly McDonald’s loving fool learned nothing.” Said Baron

*Trap Metal & EDM music segment transition music*

“WION news has recently covered the fact that the United States granted the Saudi Crown Prince immunity. However it is currently non-binding. So, he could still be in trouble because of the Khashoggi case.

This is most likely a bargaining chip in order to get a better oil trade agreement. After the recent OPEC decision.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Plan B from the secretive 3 letter agency. Just in case it doesn’t work. Possibly a regime change or something.

The House of Saud is a very big family. They’d probably discreetly fund the factions within the family. Spark a royalist civil war in order to leverage Mohammed Bin Salman into giving us everything we want. While continuing to fund the opposition who will also give us everything we want. Leading to two brand new kingdoms that serve US interests.

Anything is possible.” Said Baron

*Advertisement from the Schiller Institute, Infrared Show, and Polcompball Wiki*

*Jazz & Grunge segment transition music*

“According to Gateway Pundit, Elon Musk will not be bringing back Alex Jones. Even with the controversy surrounding him. Alex Jones deserves a second chance. This textbook placation of a vocal group.

A skill that conservatives need to learn. Applying pressure to get what you want is smart.

I’m not a supporter of Alex Jones. But the gay frog meme was pretty funny.” Said Baron

*Baron takes a sip of Dr.Pepper*

“That’s all for this episode of The Red Spin! Please checkout the other articles on Red Cult of Nyx dot com. See you next time, Folks” said Baron

*8-bit versions of anime opening music playing*

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