Nyx Nightly News: The Red Spin episode 2

*Political advertisements from the Transhumanist Party, American Party of Labor, and Forward Party*

An 8-bit version of a city pop song is playing as the intro music

“Welcome to another episode of The Red Spin. Tonight’s episode will discuss the world domination shenanigans of a German man. Germans always seem to be up something. We’ll be reacting to the Socialist Alternative’s article on Trump 2024. The generational talent that’s better than you achieved his goal. MJF is AEW champion. We’re pro-MJF over here!” Said Baron

Baron is playing Dying Light. The sound effects from fighting zombies can be heard on the air. The intern informed him, and he responded by requesting Dr.Pepper.

“Klaus Schwab, and his World Economic Forum are at it again. They’re developing credit cards with a carbon limit. If you buy too much meat, and gas. They’ll be able cut off your right to make purchases.

That’s social engineering. A Western version of China’s social credit system. Except it’s meant to create a neoliberal variant of feudalism. This is what Klaus Schwab & Greta Thunberg desire.” Said Baron

Aggrotech & Soviet Disco music is playing during the transition to the next segment. Baron finishes fighting the zombie menace, and eating instant baby red mashed potatoes.

“Can Trump win in 2024? If the Western neoliberal elite fail to stump him again. Like they did in 2016. Donald Trump will become President. A better question is does he represent the interests of the working class still?

He definitely doesn’t represent the Starbucks, and Target employee. But he does represent truckers, farmers, construction workers, mechanics, janitors, and fishermen. Blue collar professions that are the backbone of society.

The interests of the retail employee typically align with the bourgeois, and professional managerial class. These people unfortunately lack class consciousness. They want to suckle from the tit of the elites.” Said Baron

An advertisement from The Jimmy Dore Show, and The Dive with Jackson Hinkle.

“A shorter episode but things are going on behind the scenes. Thank you for tuning in once again.” Said Baron

Dark ambient music playing as the episode ends


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