Nyx Nightly News: The Red Spin episode 3

*Advertisements from XPW, United Wrestling Network, Brothers of Italy, and CPUSA*

Emo rap & Cloud rap as the intro music

“Welcome to another edition of The Red Spin. Earlier today a guy was taking so long ordering food. That I almost told him that my kids will have grandkids before he’s done. I’m not even a Father! He only ordered one item.” Said Baron

An advertisement promoting pursuing young Venezuelan, and Central Asian ladies

“There’s this new calculator that is backed by census data. That’ll help women realize what percentage of meet their material standards. Go over to https://igotstandardsbro.com/ to see. Look at 6 feet, any race, not married, not obese, and 120k yearly salary.” Said Baron

A brief intermission so Baron can play Mortal Kombat. A few 30 second snippets from an unknown artist is playing. It’s similar to Sosmula & Scarlxrd.

“According to Daily Caller, Elon Musk is continuing to purge Twitter of undesirable employees. While you’re at it. Please reinstate Infrared Haz. Also make 18+ accounts set themselves to private in order to be on the platform. It’ll clean up Twitter really fast. Majority of the bots will disappear.

Just do it, Elon!

Most bots post pornographic material.” Said Baron

Advertisements from The.Ismaili & Ordo Templi Orientis

“Alright, We’re watching episode 29 of XPW. Well, it’s technically XPW 2.0 but whatever. The former ECW competitor founded by porn man Rob Black. Definitely hasn’t forgotten it’s roots. Misha Montana is starting the show. A very 80s-90s-early 00s sex vibe mixed with wrestling clips before the official intro.” Said Baron

The intern asks Baron, if Red Cult of Nyx approved this segment. The Baron laughed menacingly. Before telling her to order wings from the burger joint down the street.

“I won’t be doing a detailed & thorough coverage of XPW. Just what I feel like covering. Because I do still have some important topics to address. Twenty-two minutes went by before the first match. I didn’t enjoy long waits when I watched WWE. So obviously that’s a problem for me. If you care about pillows, and socks. Hide them when Hardbody is around. He might try to hump them like he does the air. He’s facing Drake Younger of CZW fame. It’s a light-tube match. Always like those when BJW & Freedoms did it in Japan.

Say whatever you want about hardcore or deathmatch wrestling. These guys are actually good at wrestling & telling a story. You might not like the use of weapons. But there’s so much drama & suspense in this match. Something that plenty of wrestlers in regular wrestling struggle with.

Drake Younger vs Hardbody

4 out of 5” said Baron

A political advertisement from Haz of Infrared directed at Joe Sims of the Communist Party USA

“Listen, you effeminate soy bitch! Your party can’t achieve revolution for a reason. You don’t workout! You don’t get bitches, and you’re broke. Nobody wants a leader like that you stupid bitch. Get the fuck in my VC, and debate me. Better yet why don’t you go talk to some bitches. You pathetic Starbucks sipping bitch.” – Haz

“According to Al Arabiya English, Former President Donald Trump is keeping his Saudi ties alive. Dar Al Arkan & Trump Organization are building a resort in Oman. As Bad Memory Biden & his nursing home aides push them away. Trump is keeping them close. He’s a man that’s respected by countries like Saudi Arabia & North Korea.” Said Baron

GCW Advertisement promoting Andrew & Tristan Tate versus Logan & Jake Paul in a steel cage match.

“According to Decrypt, El Salvador is buying 1 Bitcoin a day. That’s 365 Bitcoins every year. When the bull run finally comes. That’ll pay off for them. I’d recommend buying Dogecoin & Shiba Inu every day too.

Also US banks are starting digital dollar blockchain pilots. The death of physical money is coming. Buy crypto, gold, silver, trading cards, and vinyls.” Said Baron

Baron takes a sip of Rockstar Punched

“Thanks for tuning in, and see you next time. In the words of the legendary manager Jim Cornette. Thank you, Fuck you, Bye!” Said Baron

30 second 16-bit versions of The Queen Of The Damned soundtrack are playing as the outro music

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