Nyx Nightly News: The Red Spin 4

An advertisement from Liver King

Blackened Death Elevator Music performed by Satanic Lift (Not a real band)

An advertisement from BroScienceLife

“Welcome to another episode of the Red Spin. Where I am running out of reasons to not be a feral madman. But I must keep going because I must aspire to be Bruce Wayne & Genghis Khan” said Baron

Advertisements from Equinox & Palantir

“Please finance my propaganda & entertainment shenanigans” said Baron

The intern is dressed like a sexy goth nun today. She brought baked goods to the studio.

“Funny news is coming out of tea & crumpet island. Clive Jones is a British fascist leader whose been donating his sperm. He’s apparently fathered at least 140 children. This should be an episode of Family Guy or American Dad.” Said Baron

Advertisement for Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

“I was recently informed that there is a Thai Pop group called Red Spin. It’s definitely better than Western Pop. Although it’s not really my thing. I do enjoy Japanese Pop Music though. Thanks to anime, and Minoru Suzuki. I also tried Thai Pop group Ar3na. I enjoyed Come Get It Now.

I prefer rap, EDM, and alternative rock in most cases though.” Said Baron

An advertisement from International Sumo Federation

“According to Zero Hedge, Beyond Meat is getting beat. Because they can’t beat real meat. They can only cry in the corner while beating their meat. We need someone to start a company called Beyond Vegetable. Carrots that taste like corn beef or something.” Said Baron

The intern is reminding him of the masturbation joke limit

“If you’re not watching Midnight Sumo on Twitch. There’s a tournament going on in Kyushu.

Bolsonaro is challenging the election results. Lula has a history of collaboration with the US & the collective West. Whereas Bolsonaro is tied to BRICS. Could this lead to riots, and possibly civil war?

A neutralized Brazil means a neutered BRICS” said Baron

An advertisement for the Pro Wrestling TV app

“The #1 fan of the PTA, DMV, and HOA tried to pass another self-defense restricting gun control policy. But the courts stood with the people. The NY Governor is a true supporter of Blue Lives Matter. A real fan of police.

Kings & Queens with absolute or near absolute power are less controlling. We should’ve listened to Alexander Hamilton. The Kingdom of America. That’s all for tonight! Happy Turkey Day!” Said Baron

Sweet Yamz by Fetty Wap is playing as the show goes off the air

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