Nyx Nightly News: The Red Spin 5

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“Welcome to the program, Folks! Your host is exhausted from a long day of kettlebell exercise, and cooking. But I have two cans of Monster energy Aussie Lemonade. Let’s get right to it!” Said Baron

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“According to Barrons, the Granny chasing President of France Emmanuel Macron wants to be Napoleon. He wants a single global world order.

But not a cool world order with great aesthetics, and ideals. He wants a very lame version of feudalism. That benefits his particular faction of the World Elite.

Their vision is plain chicken. No spices or anything. Just cooked chicken on your plate.

For a truly beautiful vision for a grand empire. All they need to do is read everything I’ve ever written on this blog. Truly outstanding stuff.

They could do so many things.

WH40k’s Imperium of Man+Singapore+Trajan Era Roman Empire+Lothlórien = A potential grand empire of the West.

So many visions that are objectively cooler than what Macaroni & Swab promote.” Said Baron

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“It’s great to see EC3 wrestle. My advice to him would be to disband CYN as a promotion. Keep it alive as a supergroup like the Bullet Club & Los Ingobernables. It’s a dumb concept for a promotion. But definitely a solid idea for a faction.

If he hasn’t done it already. Why is Velvet Sky pronouncing Latimer like Vladimir?

EC3 sacrificed his team member, and his manager. Just to play mind games.

He should revive elements of his 1%er gimmick to improve the CYN gimmick. it’d be interesting especially if he got to work with MJF or Richard Holliday.” Said Baron

Transition music brought you by lo-fi girl

“If any of the readers are associated with people in this Twitter community in someway. Please share this article with them. Because I would appreciate some clarification on something.

The MAGA Communism & Schiller Institute LaRouche Twitter communities.

Klaus Schwab & the WEF want China to be the model for the Post-Great Reset world order. This specific faction of the elites are supposed to be your adversaries. The de-growth, eat bugs, and own nothing clique is also Team China.

As their polar opposite, why doesn’t this make you question your stance? Are you okay with indirectly siding with Klaus Schwab?

I don’t use Twitter anymore. But I’d love to know what they say. My comments section is open.

The sources are Fox News, Yahoo, and CGTN.” Said Baron

Advertisement from the Spanish Foreign Legion

“According to Oil Price dot com, BP just got a control for Guyanese oil. This is great news.

The West should be getting it’s oil from the Americas, and Scotland. While also developing better forms of nuclear power.” Said Baron

Transition music from Arabic Trap

“Here’s a little bit from Lucha Libre AAA’s Zapopan show. I’ve been watching them on & off since 2013. They need to do what NJPW’s done with NJPW Strong.

They could call it AAA-USA. It’d be a 45 minute studio wrestling product based out of El Paso or Las Vegas. That airs on YouTube.

Great way to get English speaking fans more involved.

Taurus vs Hijo Del Vikingo vs Laredo Kid. Hijo Del Vikingo is the MEGA champion. So, He’s most likely going to win. This event occurred prior to Triplemania.

The champion won. It was pretty good” said Baron

Advertisement from North Korea’s Chondoist Chongu Party

“According to Bloomberg, the NGO asset Greta Thunberg is filing a lawsuit against her home country of Sweden. The Nordic countries are looking at fondly by American social democrats.

But apparently Greta feels they’re not doing enough to fight climate change. Of course, if they read Red Cabbage Greens on the fine website that hosts the program. Perhaps they’d be doing something good for Mother Nature.

But what Gretel actually desires is more state control over individuals lives.” Said Baron

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“One more story before we go. The USA is banning Huawei & other other Chinese telecommunications giants. The division between the collective West & collective East continues. This divide will become greater as the global South develops itself.

Multipolarity is beginning to return. Which can be a good thing in terms of reviving organic cultures. That have been assimilated into the Anglo-American paradigm.

But that doesn’t mean that unipolarity is on it’s death bed. Sometimes a moment of weakness can reinvigorate those in power. Adapt & learn!” Said Baron

Outro music brought to you by Andrea Krux


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