Nyx Nightly News: Red Spin 6

Pre-recorded intro message that samples America Fuck Yeah! From Team America World Police

“According to Zerohedge, the city of San Francisco is getting robocops. Comply or die will be a command given that you’ll have to follow. This means homeless people, pot smokers, and poor people aren’t safe. Good luck out there!” Said Baron

Grindcore Gospel Music

“Wei Aixinjueluo, Ariel Aisin-Gioro, Kosei Fukunaga aka Husheng, Jin Xin, and Jin Pucong should become the founders of the Royal House of Taiwan. This would be a bold & clear statement in favor of independence. Husheng is distantly related to Emperor Shōwa. So this would give an added layer of support. https://www.yahoo.com/news/taiwan-votes-local-elections-amid-000243187.html The Taiwanese President stepped down after an embarrassing display. Her anti-PRC party didn’t do as well as she had hoped.” Said Baron

Forest sounds

“Allow me to introduce a Warhammer 40k OC of mine that I thought of earlier” Said Baron

Belladonna the Lady Primarch Born of Chaos:

Belladonna is the offspring of Fulgrim, and Slaanesh. The chaotic embrace in the void could be felt by all psychically gifted individuals. It is believed that even the Emperor himself reacted to it. But that’s most likely just a tall tale.

In her training , Belladonna displayed a talent for getting what she desires. She rarely had to resort to violence to achieve her goals. Another thing that she was quite good at was making deadly poisons.

Her first legion is called the Love Angels. The first co-ed space marine legion to ever exist. The founding stock of the legion carrying her gene-seed. The Love Angels encourage male space marines to commit heresy with them as a recruitment tool.

Their colors are pink, white, and black.

The Love Angels & The Blood Angels have been fighting for quite some time.

Due to her lineage, She’s being called the God Empress by some. Belladonna adopted that title a year after successfully taking over Pech. The Kroot are now cannon-fodder for the Love Angels.

The twisted nature of Belladonna has been praised by Lorgar & Fulgrim.

Sources claim she’s 13 feet tall with scarlet eyes, and a snow white complexion.

Dark ambient music

“Atheism actually makes absolutely no sense. Once you start thinking about the vastness of the universe. If you’re willing to accept the likelihood of advanced species on other planets. Why is the existence of divine beings improbable?

To deny the existence of divine beings but accept the existence of advanced non-human species is hypocritical.

Simulation theory has more validity than atheism does. New Age spirituality also has more validity than atheism. Atheism is just a very boring Baby Boomer idea.

It’s 2022, The existence of deities like Hades or Freya is more likely than established academia wants to admit.” Said Baron

Whale noises

“Kanye’s running for President & Nick Fuentes might be working for his campaign. Trump supposedly wants Nick on his team. Talks of a Trump/West or West/Trump ticket.

Personally, I wish America had six major parties. The Republicans & Democrats never present anything interesting. It’s the same old boring shit every season.

Republican Party, Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Communist Party, and Forward Party.

Six choices for Americans to choose from. Also by having six parties instead of two. It’ll force cooperation instead of conflict.

Elective monarchism is another option as well. Holy American Empire!” Said Baron

8-bit cover of the digimon theme

“Elon Musk intends to support Deceptive DeSantis. The man is literally George W. Bush with Donald Trump tendencies. He’s going to be the hammer of the elites. A populism of the bourgeois.

I understand that Musk seems to be angry with Trump over inactivity on Twitter. But this is a bad choice. You promote pro-natalism, and technological advancements. If Deceptive DeSantis embraces the ideals of Musk. It’s only to serve the purpose of the elite.” Said Baron

“That’s all for tonight’s episode!” Said Baron

8-bit game music for the end of the program

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