The 13 colonies that became a Kingdom

In this timeline, the colonists rebelled against the English crown believe in monarchism.

The war was heavily supported by the Papal States, the French, and Spanish Empire. The Americans received money, weaponry, and ammunition. Enough for a long conflict.

It managed to go under the radar since 1763. When the effort to form an American Kingdom began. This was the great revenge plot by the French.

George Washington was the unofficial first King of America. But his repeated failures to impregnate his Wife hurt his support. Alexander Hamilton & his Wife became the new unofficial royals.

The twelve year push for Catholicism & Hamiltonian monarchism was successful. Once 1775 came around the movement couldn’t be ignored anymore.

While discussing his conversion to Catholicism with some Protestant townsfolk. Paul Revere was stabbed several times with bayonets by British soldiers.

While the elite of the empire might support this. They never gave the order to do this. Paul Revere’s death was a momentum booster.

In 1776, the Hamiltonian militias began conducting midnight raids of British military camps. As well as starting fires within Anglican churches.

In 1777, they started stealing small ships. Mostly clippers & cutters because the American Navy was expected to play a support role.

The navies of the French & Spanish are doing most of the fighting. In order to make it very hard to send armies to the colonies. The British are already struggling to keep control.

The Hamiltonians have been very successful at disrupting their supply chains. Stealing supplies before they can even reach them.

The first official battle between the Hamiltonian & British armies happened in Saratoga. The much larger British army was low on ammunition. So they charged into Hamiltonian firing squads.

A couple hundred British soldiers were killed. The rest of them turned around, and left. Even though the officers kept commanding them to fight.

Conflicts between the two after this weren’t proper battles. It was small scale warfare similar to street gangs.

In 1778, The British upper class were demanding that the crown give them independence. King George the 3rd reluctantly agreed. He sent letters to Spain, France, and the colonies.

Announcing his decision to allow them to leave.

In 1779, The Kingdom of America was finally established. King Alexander & Queen Elizabeth celebrated for seven days. Before announcing plans to become an empire.

The conquest of British & Native lands in North America.

The war for Canada began in 1789.

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