NNN: The Red Spin 7

Advertisements from Studio Ghibli, Lucha Libre AAA, and the Church of the SubGenius

“I’m getting kind of bored with current events. The elites need to stop with the bullshit. Get the era of space colonization & imperialism started. Screw cultural revolutions & lame ass proxy wars. Give us something good.

The USA, Russia, China, and India could form space empires. While everything on Earth remains relatively peaceful for awhile.

So, I’ll be doing something else instead” Said Baron

Psyclon Nine & kyOresu playing during the break

“I’m listening to Nyx Land’s Hello From The Wired. In my nomadic travels across the digital space. This is an entity that I’d heard about.

So far this reminds me of something the always controversial thelemite e-girl Georgina Rose talked about. I’m referring to the hyper-reality episode with schizotopia.

We’re cyborgs with a wired self, and a meat-space self. These two spaces are quickly becoming one & the same. Everyone’s wired self is a more true expression of the self. In our meat-space selves are restricted in our expression by the already built-in operating belief systems.

The wired space has become so influential that it is the kingmaker for the meat space. Deciding the cultural & political pace.

Nyx Land is also bringing up the coming automation of the means of production. The Cyber-Siesta is coming!

On the subject of primitivism versus technology. I typically take a stance similar to archeo-futurism, and technogaianism. Even though I understand, and agree with most of what’s being said.

I guess, I’m sentimental.

Apparently, Cyber-Nihilists want to turn the Earth into one great technological sphere. Think the Borg Cube but spherical!

The worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus & the Necrons are probably another example.

A Landian-Lovecraftian philosophy

Nyx Land points out that the Alt Right rose because of the internet or meta-meat space. The Left was focused on the proper meat-space. The Wired is the deep of the cyberspace.

The Wired & the Meta-Meat are stronger than the Meat.

This was fun to listen to.” Said Baron

Advertisement from Kim Jong Un

“This is my pitch for a Bond film starring Jensen Ackles or Henry Cavill as James Bond.

007 Golden Night: Spectre is threatening the safety of Dubai’s citizens, and holding the Sheikh’s grandchildren hostage! Can Bond get to them before the time bomb goes off? Love, Money, Speed, and Death in an instant classic

A friend of mine made some suggestions for my idea. He said the lady assisting the villain should be an android and the most striking actress. There was a Bond script for the proposed early 90’s film where this was part of the plot. Tagline: “Who Do You Choose? Liquid Gold Or The World?”

I think this film would be a big hit.” Said Baron

Advertisement from the Pirate Party

“Watching a little bit of AEW Dark. Bunny versus Blair Onyx was a quick one. Penelope Ford at ringside to support Bunny. I’m liking the goth bad girl vibe from her.” Said Baron

Advertisement from Wayne Enterprises

Responding to https://thefederalist.com/2022/11/29/western-liberalism-is-doomed-without-a-shared-understanding-of-reality/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=western-liberalism-is-doomed-without-a-shared-understanding-of-reality

“Western liberalism in the classical sense is already dead. It’s been dead for decades. Libertarianism represented a counterrevolution. Which obviously wasn’t successful. Progressivism represented the beginning stages of a totalitarian liberal philosophy.

You could call it State Liberalism. A strong emphasis on enforcing their cultural ideals. Progressives are heavily influenced by Trotsky, Sakai, Marcuse, Adorno, and the Roosevelts. Conservatives are correct but they’re terrible at presentation.

Progressives are culturally communist, and totalitarian. Even if you support the current governing philosophy. You cannot dispute it’s nature, and still be an honest person.

You’re honestly too late. Classical liberalism officially died in the 1990s. Just like the libertarians are too late. Saving the West or reinventing the West will require different ideals.

Liberalism is a dead tradition, and conservatives are merely embalming the corpse.

There are an infinite amount of philosophies to choose from.” Said Baron

1812 overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as the outro music

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