NNN Red Spin 8

“If you haven’t read Red Spin 7. I covered some interesting stuff. I talk about wanting current events to be more exciting. A little bit about AEW Dark. My idea for a James Bond film. As well as Nyx Land’s Cyber-Nihilism, and correcting the Federalist on the fate of liberalism.” Said Baron

Hulk Hogan’s Real American theme performed by the Muppets

“According to WION News, former President Donald Trump is getting some heat. For associating with Ye West, and Nick Fuentes. Everyone knows Ye, and what he does.

Nick Fuentes is a traditionalist Catholic nationalist. Who loves McDonald’s, catboys, and getting caught watching 🏳️‍⚧️ porn. Nick is known for Alt Right adjacent ideas.

I can list off plenty of people that’d be better to meet with. Jackson Hinkle, Sneako, Sameera Khan, Infrared Haz, Andrew Tate, and Mayra Flores. It would’ve resulted in infinitely less trouble.

Trump dodge the Alt Right accusations last time. Now it looks like he is fine with being accused. What could this mean in 2024?” Said Baron

Battlemech noises & trance music

“The primary means of finding the difference between political factions is this. What is their idea of nationhood? How do they define it?

The Populist Right believes that a nation-state has defined borders. Borders that remain the same even if the ruling class changes. It is an area with it’s own culture, and people.

The Neoliberal Center believes that nations are economic zones with defined borders. Everything else is irrelevant, and interchangeable. They’re very close to agreeing with anarchists actually.

Except they understand human nature. A leader will spontaneously appear, and order will be established. This is easily observable. Group projects, and sports team always have a leader.

The neoliberal perception of nationhood is actually how cultural appropriation occurs. No value is placed on authenticity or uniqueness. Therefore anyone can take whatever they want. Even if the meaning is sacred.

This is the primary way of identifying a person’s ideological position.” Said Baron

A pro-reproduction advertisement advocating for the importation of beautiful women from all over the world.

“I’m listening to Nyx Land’s Gender Accelerationism. I don’t feel like doing a detailed walkthrough of it. Because I want to enjoy some chili. You definitely put beans in chili by the way. It’s just soup or sloppy Joe’s if you don’t.

Unrelated but I’m considering learning Swahili, German, and HTML.

It starts off with some hacker & computer history. https://vastabrupt.com/2018/10/31/gender-acceleration/ If you’d like to read the article.

Nyx talks about how the triumph of free software & proprietary software. This is femininity defeating masculinity. The desire for decentralization is a feminine one.

If gender acceleration were to retain the identification of feminine with female and masculine with male, patriarchy would still have a fighting chance. This is a quote from the piece. The goal is to shred or eradicate this association. As a means of liberation from it.

Nyx Land mentions the end of the era of the phallus & reign of testosterone. I’d love to know her take on the muscle mommy trend on TikTok. After this Nyx Land gets into esotericism.” Said Baron

Genesis x Giant Woman TikTok audio

“I don’t believe in leg day or Canada” – Dom of Broscience

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