The warped understanding of the Right

Meme Credit: Nihilist Gf on Tumblr

Before I get started with this. I’d like to briefly mention the plans for Red Spin. As far as the intellectual aspect of it goes. I will be sticking to theory for a bit. Gender accelerationism, theology, and so on.

The mentality of the conservative working class or proletariat is being misrepresented. They are in favor of everyone owning weapons. The desire to disarm comes from the professional managerial class, and bourgeois. The ideological flavor of choice for them is Center to Center-Left.

The conservative working class exists in direct opposition to them. All efforts to disarm, and restrict ownership have come from the Center-Left.

Firearms ban? Left leaning PMC & Bourgeois

Restrictions on the amount of ammo you can use? Left leaning PMC & Bourgeois

Restrictions based on perceived mental illness? Left leaning PMC & Bourgeois

It isn’t the actual right wing that is trying to stop people from arming themselves. It’s the ruling class, and their henchmen. The Republican Party is a right leaning centrist party.

The populist phenomenon is dying with Trump

The evangelical phenomenon is dying with the older generation.

The total victory of neoliberalism has already been achieved.

You only really see hints of resistance online & in very small scale ways in the meat space.

That abortion decision will not last.

Unless a very organized, and motivated movement appears out of nowhere. It simply will not last. 2030 is around the corner, and the Boomers are dying off.

The Right Wing as it is currently understood will not exist in 8 years.


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