NNN Red Spin 999

Introduction to the show performed by a Hollywood Hulk Hogan impersonator

“George Washington once said that farming is one of the most respectable professions. The malevolent Dutch government is oppressing family farms. In the name of climate protection. When in reality, it’s about control of the food supply.

The true environmentally conscious path belongs to the Right. Distributists, Georgists, and Geo-libertarians. Those are good environmentalists. There’s also my Red Cabbage Green idea that you can find on the blog.

If you cannot keep your farm. You must salt the Earth. So, the thieves cannot benefit from it. Don’t let them use land that’s belonged to your family for generations.” Said Baron

Toonami Aftermath Advertisement

“Atheism is a faith based religion not the absence of it. If you acknowledge that humans are fallible. How can 1000 smart but fallible minds disprove the possibility of divinity? They can discuss the probability of non existence. But stating with absolute certainty is a faith based claim. It’s the 1000 chimpanzees & Shakespeare idea.” Said Baron

Transhumanist Party Advertisement

“Qatari fans took supposedly disapproving photos of Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll. A truly beautiful woman. They probably really enjoyed those photos on the toilet before bed. Naughty, naughty!” Said Baron

Advertisement from Lingerie Fighting Championships

“The Democrats forced the railroad workers to submit, and blocked the right to strike. The limp-wristed capitalist lapdogs of the DSA did nothing. All talk like usual.

Only 1 DSA associated politician voted against it. Senator Talib voted against, and Ocasio-Cortez voted in favor. Ilhan Omar also voted to smash the strike. Western democratic socialism serves the bourgeois.

Once again the Left fights big business by helping big business.

Ted Cruz & MTG voted against it. The Republicans sided with the working class.” Said Baron

Advertisement from SlapFIGHT Championship

NNN Fiction segment : Haunted Soap Part 1

I’m a security guard at the Professor Yeti Soap Factory. Late at night there’s be movement on the cameras. Bars of soap either stacked in peculiar ways or simply spread out across the floor.

This building was built near Lincoln park. Probably three years after the Valentine’s Day Massacre. I haven’t seen anybody just yet.

It’s probably some kids that snuck in through the window. They don’t lock properly.

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone advertisement

“Jim Cramer is telling people to get out of crypto. Which means you need to do the opposite. When he says buy that’s when you sell. If he says sell that’s when you buy.

The man has a history of being wrong.” Said Baron

City Pop outro music


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