Earth 2 World War 2 part 1

Part 1 is about the Allies versus the Axis. Who is who in all of this. The cause of the war, and so on is in part 2.

The Allies:

  • The British
  • Mussolini’s Italy
  • Empire of Japan

The Axis:

  • The United States
  • The Soviet Union
  • Germany

The Germany of Earth 2 is not led by the stupid mustache man. But it is ruled by a familiar face. The man in charge is Heinrich Himmler.

Earth 2 Heinrich Himmler is not a Germanic supremacist. He intends to be the founder of an Indo-European Empire from Berlin to Bombay. Himmler has three wives that he intends to create the perfect ruling class with.

His first wife is from Germany. The second is from Persia. The third wife is from Northern India.

Himmler’s regime has banned Christianity completely. He blamed a certain supernatural trickster for it’s rise. He believes that a supernatural being tricked Constantine.

It’s goal was to make humanity weak, and easy to conquer.

Germans are being encouraged to rediscover the old faith. Prior to the divine deception. It is Germany’s mission to revive the old ways of Indo-Europeans.

Himmler has told German scientists & engineers to embrace the ideas of Nikola Tesla. Especially the ideas that’d be suitable for military use. This has made them a formidable threat.

The United States is still led by Franklin D. Roosevelt. However the Roosevelt family is the royal family of America. The Roosevelts intend to conquer Ontario, Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean.

The Americans did choose Tesla over Edison on Earth 2. So, they’re using this technology to dominate it’s neighbors. The United States doesn’t have any eccentric vision. They just want to be a colonial empire.

The Soviet Union also embraced Nikola Tesla’s ideas. Their goal is a galactic worker’s republic. Space Communism but with more Stalin influence.

Allied Powers

The Allies embraced Edison.

The British are trying to preserve the world as it is.

The Empire of Japan is trying to bring back feudalism, and the way of the warrior. They believe that Meiji domesticated the Japanese spirit. This is about a return to tradition. The alliance with Britain & Italy is one of convenience.

Italy’s intentions are simple. The rebirth of the Roman Empire. The Germans present a threat to this goal. Because Himmler wants territory that originally belonged to Rome.

So, they’re only on the Allied side because of Germany.

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