NNNRS 333 the unhinged era is on

I fully understand that I am screaming at the abyss. I hope for a response, and do not receive one. Which means restricting myself is unnecessary. Being completely unhinged will not complicate things.

I won’t be doing the Red Spin series format this time.

I want to talk about something briefly. Crypto has become too institutionalized. Bitcoin no longer represents what it once did. Crypto is just another asset class now.

So, the antagonistic idiocy directed at “meme” tokens is laughable. Dogecoin & Shiba Inu are the true inheritors of Satoshi’s vision. The anarchistic soul of crypto is kept alive there. You mock it out of jealousy.

But you became what you hate.

You became Wall Street.

Sam Bankman-Fried is the Lehman Brothers of the industry.

You didn’t want to change society. You wanted your Father, and his country club pals to like you.

I’ll be doing an alternate WW2. It’s everybody’s favorite war unfortunately. So Let’s see how it does.

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