Earth 2 World War 2 Part 2

Read part 1 first

The First World War ended with a pyrrhic victory for the Allied Powers. The Treaty of Sèvres was put into effect. But there is no international zone. The territory making up that zone was given to the Greeks.

The Sixth Zionist World Congress, and the British Empire made an agreement. Uganda will be a homeland for the Jewish people. The British will maintain a moderate military presence for fifty years.

Jerusalem is a city-state governed by the League of Nations.

The United States suffered the most on the allied side. This war was very expensive for this rising power. It caused a lot of unrest among the people.

The Roosevelt family capitalized on this. Getting the people to embrace them as American royalty. The republic that was founded in 1789 is no more. Alexander Hamilton won in the end.

The United States began forming a bond with Germany, and the Soviet Union in the 1920s.

Germany kept most of it’s territories. The colonies in China were the only ones set free. A combination of this, and high casualties led to a new movement. The Golden Order was led by Heinrich Himmler. Who’d eventually become the new Kaiser in 1930.

The Soviet Union let American corporations into Russia in order to speed up recovery. The Stalinism of Earth 2 has some similarities to Earth 1 Dengism. Not a lot of similarities but enough to be noticeable.

The three powers that’d eventually become the Axis were going through a mini-renaissance. In terms of technological progress. They embraced the ideas of Nikola Tesla.

Something that the rest of the world scoffed at. But they won’t be for long. The next Great War is coming.

The British, and Italians didn’t suffer economically at all. The territorial gains on top of that led to a lot of jealousy. The Italians were very boastful about their gains in North Africa, and the Anatolian Peninsula. Other Allies did alright but definitely not like these two.

The Empire of Japan received plenty of business from the Italians, and British post-war. Which saved them from an economic downturn. The Emperor, and his heir didn’t forget this.

In 1936, the Olympics were being held in Germany. Herbert Runge was shot in the thigh. After receiving a gold medal in boxing. The failed assassin was an Englishman that he had faced previously.

Germany, United States, and the Soviet Union were quite close by this time. They were on edge as the trial went on. The Englishman somehow won with an insanity plea.

This did not go over well with the German public. Riots broke out in Munich, Cologne, and Berlin. The rioting lasted for weeks.

Anti-Anglo sentiment became popular among the Germans. Especially the elite, and working class. This gave Kaiser Himmler an opportunity.

He would now be able to explore his more esoteric ideas. He informed the United States, and the Soviet Union of his intentions. They were on board.

In 1939, The war began. The United States invaded Canada. Germany invaded England, and France. The Soviet Union invaded Korea, and harassed Japanese naval forces.

The Italians sent troops to France to help fight the Germans. Italian forces informed Rome that the Germans are using a strange new weapon. Their tanks are shooting lightning bolts, and the grenades electrocute anyone within a six feet radius.

Canadians, British, and Japanese were experiencing the same thing. The Axis Powers arrive on the battlefield with futuristic technology. The Allies aren’t prepared for this.

The British began working on a coil gun project in 1940. Something the Americans started doing two years prior. The American prototypes are being tested on Canadian prisoners of war. They’re not lethal just yet.

But they’re effective interrogation tools.

With the new weaponry based on Tesla’s ideas. The Soviets are having a grand time fighting Korean resistance fighters, and sinking Japanese ships. Reports are saying that Russian soldiers are laughing & singing while they fight.

Italy managed to steal a box of the electric grenades. Italian scientists are currently trying to figure out how to make more. So, that Italian Forces can use more. The Prime Minister Benito Mussolini was very excited.

If his scientists successfully find out how to produce them. That means they’ll be able to apply it to other things. Giving Italian troops a better chance in France.

Part 3 The war reaches a greater level of chaos!

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