Modern Liberal Capitalism is anti-civilization

Western civilization especially. The United States, and the European Union are effectively the same. They should merge into one super-state. The differences are no longer significant.

Some would argue otherwise. But they’re becoming more like Americans over time. Especially when you deal with the youth of Europe.

You dress like we do, and eat like we do. You consume our entertainment daily. Your Professors are influenced by our philosophies.

Embrace the New Rome.

It’s genuinely an impressive feat. A feat that Americans shouldn’t take for granted. We’re currently letting vile people influence the cultural tastes of the world.

It could be used for so much more.

Vegetarianism, veganism, hook-up culture, and music that glorifies ugliness. It’s all meant to keep the population weak, and passive. They don’t have to oppress people.

Capitalism has people oppressing themselves voluntarily. This system has convinced them that it’s empowering or something. It has useful idiots thinking they’re revolutionary punks.

Revolutionary punks that fight for change by giving the ruling class more power. The Left claims to be more intelligent than the Right. But they’re the biggest idiots around.

In many cases, if you’re a leftist. I just automatically assume that you’re stupid. I do apologize but you just keep giving me more reasons.

What is beyond meat, impossible foods, and the plant based food movement about? The actual purpose is population control. You have to eat a lot more to match the quality of an omnivore diet. Vegans, and vegetarians also have to take a supplement regimen.

Vegans & vegetarians typically have less body mass. Body mass is essential for self defense, survival situations, and reproduction.

Sedentary versus active lifestyle has an impact on sexual activity. I don’t buy the argument that vegans have a greater sex drive. Former vegan Jackson Hinkle has said that he was less interested in sex during this period of his life.

He’s got a political show called The Dive.

Crypto & astrology YouTube personality Maren Altman has mentioned that she has a low sex drive. She’s also a vegan with a supplement regimen. If she consistently ate some chicken, and tuna. Would it stay like this?

Hip Hop has been promoting drugs, casual sex, and gang affiliation for some time. I’m curious about what the single mother rate would be? If Hip Hop never really achieved anything. We talk about responsibilities.

But look at what entertainment promotes to young men, and women! The family isn’t intact. Which means they’re going to learn about life from another source.

Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and City Girls are fine examples. They promote materialism, hedonism, and disloyalty. That’s what their music is about. Young women eat this stuff up.

Future, DaBaby, Eminem, and King Von are also great examples. Yes, I know Eminem has turned himself around. But that doesn’t change much. He still made songs that promoted drugs, and shitty behavior. How many single mothers did Future create again? He’s getting closer, and closer to 10.

King Von’s whole catalog of music is about committing crimes. He’s not rapping about it negatively either. The man was proud of it.

Dababy promotes similar shit to the rest.

I enjoy hip hop but I understand that it’s not a positive influence.

When entertainment encourages this sort of lifestyle. It makes it easier to control the masses. It also makes it easier to profit off of you.

Rock isn’t innocent either. Drugs, and sex was it’s go to for a long time. So, I’m not picking on Hip Hop. I promise.

Feminism has women convinced that men are objectifying, and oppressing them. When capitalism has convinced them that objectification is empowering. Women choose to do OnlyFans, and stripping. Men aren’t forcing you to do it. Women choose what they wear each day. No one made them dress in a sexual way. They made the choice themselves.

A culture of casual sex produces a low trust environment. If you don’t trust people within your community. It’s way easier to manipulate you.

Lots of money to be made off of decadence.

The perfect market environment was created in the name of liberation.

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