The Birth of Neo-Civilization

I am a Zillennial. Millennial is the generation that was screwed out of what could have been. Zoomer is the generation that never had anything to inherit. Zillennial is the hybrid of the two.

For the young people like myself. “Own nothing & be happy” is already the reality. It is not some scary villainous plot from Lex or his real life equivalent Jeff.

It’s our reality.

Western civilization died in the early twentieth century. What we are currently dealing with is a birth. The neo-civilization that the cosmopolitan faction of elites dreamed of.

The elite few that actually read my writing consistently. Know that my views are eccentric, and difficult to pin down. I’ll be advocating for elective monarchism in one breath. But in the next I’ll sound like a Marxist.

As contradictory, and fluid as my worldview may seem at first. It all blends together, and serves a purpose. At my core, I am an accelerationist.

Though I also enjoy the term Futurist. I believe that Italian art movement captures my essence quite well. Create to destroy, and create once again. Go Fast!

Fifty dollars in 2022 cannot do what it could in 1960. People with qualifications for entry level positions can’t find work. Because employers want a decade’s worth of experience.

We have an impressive amount of unemployed people in the United States. But automation is still on track to make most workers obsolete. Most of whom will be unable to retrain for the new economy.

That means universal basic income is essential. But this would also require a shift in the mindset of economists. Something similar to mercantilism, and physiocracy.

The rise of cryptocurrency gave the youth a chance to have something. But the older generations, and the system they built ruined it. Cryptocurrency was assimilated into the neoliberal project.


The strength of neoliberalism is it’s adaptability. It’s willingness to embrace certain things in order to sustain itself. But like a rubber band, if it’s stretched too much. It will break.

The only way to improve society now isn’t destroying neoliberalism. It’s forcing it to embrace your worldview. Apply pressure externally, and subvert it internally.

If you belong to any of these groups:

  • Infrared MAGACommunism
  • Regular MAGA
  • Libertarians
  • Anarcho-Capitalists
  • Anarchists
  • Transhumanists
  • Georgists
  • Larouche people
  • Greens
  • Left Communists
  • Post-Left
  • The various /ACC’s
  • Cyber-Nihilists
  • Muslims
  • Thelemites
  • Pagans
  • Traditional Catholics
  • Orthodox Christians
  • Cryptocurrency & WEB3

Your role is the wrecker.

You need to be an active participant in entertainment, academics, and business. You obviously need to be an active participant in politics, and your community. You need to be an alternative without presenting your as an opponent.

That means you cannot shill for a rival superpower. You also have to be careful with certain kinds of social commentary. But pretty much anything is on the table.

The political organizations that you should join, and takeover.

  • Blue state Republican parties
  • Yang’s Forward Party
  • Communist Party USA
  • Justice Democrats
  • Turning Point USA

This would be a good start.

As for academics look up the “best conservative colleges” lists. Community colleges are another good place. Becoming a force here will be beneficial.

Networking is essential for all of this.

Entertainment is something that you can afford to be a little individualistic with. But you need to make connections. Collaboration is good.

Don’t beat the audience over the head with your message. They need to be entertained. People are more apt to listen. If they’re having fun.

This is typically where conservatives & Christians fuck up. When they try to make entertainment. It ends up being propaganda instead.

If popular TikTok users start posting your content. You just won the game. Because that’ll get Hollywood & marketing firms paying attention.

They’ll begin embracing your ideas, and aesthetic.

Just like if you succeed in those political organizations that I mentioned. It’ll force the more influential ones to assimilate to an extent. The Gramsci long march through neoliberalism.

Like I said the goal shouldn’t be to destroy neoliberalism. It should be to wreck the place so much. That it adapts in order to stop the wreckage. Ultimately leading to a neoliberalism that is less anti-human.

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