A humble suggestion for Iran

Iranian readers from around the world. With recent developments, I believe it’s time for Iran to consider a change. Xi is a snake, and he intends to cut down challengers in Asia. That means Russia, India, and Iran.

Saudi Arabia obviously would like to see Iranian influence dwindle. So, that they can have a greater hold on the Middle East.

China, with it’s goal of trying to be the new hegemonic King of Kings, will likely demand the historic, and prestigious nation of Iran to act like a rump state…In the name of peace.

The Islamic theocracy is old & decrepit. Iran had a beautiful run as a monarchy. From Cyrus the Great to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The West is engaging in economic & cultural war with China. Once they stop with the unnecessary Ukrainian distraction. They will fully focus on this.

Plus the Western youth aren’t as likely to be anti-Iran. They’re definitely less Zionist. There’s basically no obsession with China. Except among Larouche & Infrared MAGACOMM people.

You could win the West over.

Of course, this would actually require big changes in Iran too. The diaspora can only do so much. Choosing to defect to the West isn’t the only option.

But it’s probably the safest & quickest.

Because Russia under Putin’s United Russia party won’t consider China’s true intentions.

The other option is being the third alternative. West(USA), East(China), and Iran. Be the third major hegemonic power.

The West or be the third option in the multipolar world.

Ideas for a revitalized Iran

  • Give Zoroastrian Indians & Westerners dual citizenship
  • Semi-constitutional monarchy or an elective monarchy
  • Encourage the growth of Zoroastrianism
  • Encourage the growth of Baha’i faith
  • Encourage the growth of Yarsanism
  • Encourage the growth of Christianity
  • Nuclear power
  • The ideas of Nikola Tesla
  • A strong relationship with Japan, Central Asia, American Midwest, and Upstate New York
  • A strong relationship with Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Charles Hoskinson, and the Cathy family
  • Encourage the rebirth of Mithraism
  • Develop ties with Wiccan, Thelemite, Asatru, and New Age communities
  • Develop a strong presence in Web3 & Fediverse development
  • Allow Burlesque & belly dancing
  • Build your own version of Dubai
  • Create incentives to have large families
  • Competitive esports league
  • Horse racing
  • Digital currency backed by gold, silver, and oil
  • Avestan or Pahlavi script being taught
  • The Achaemenid Economic Union
  • The Achaemenid Defense Organization
  • Encourage tourism from the West
  • Develop a state of the art underground city

Iran has been a regional powerhouse for most of civilized history. More than 2,500 years of human history. Do you really want to let that go to waste?

Are you okay with that legacy being tarnished?

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