The false promise of liberal democracy for countries like Iran

The Pahlavi heir is a big fan of it. But it’s definitely not the alternative to Islamic theocracy. In the previous post about Iran, I discussed the possibility of a revitalized Iranian World. Now I will warn you about a potential future.

The promise of liberal democracy is not what it seems. Firstly I will talk to you about New York State. The beacon of American liberalism. Especially in it’s authoritarian form.

The wilderness of this state has a beauty that is hard to match. I genuinely recommend visiting it one day. The Adirondacks especially.

Living in New York is expensive even for the people that believe in the system. The only opinions that matter belong to folks in New York City. If you disagree with them at all.

You might as well move out of state.

A shitty apartment in the big city costs the same as a really good one everywhere else. But somehow New Yorkers have themselves convinced that the city is great.

NAFTA absolutely obliterated the rest of New York economically. Take a one week road trip all over the state. You’ll find impoverished wastelands.

Heroin, and opioids are a big issue. Even in the county that I live in. A county with a city known for horses, gambling, music, and upper middle class snobs.

They promote love, tolerance, and all these fanciful values. But their hearts are cold. They are ruthless.

Upstate New York is mocked as backwards, and poor constantly. By the people that made the region poor. As if it was us that made it this way.

We did not make the cost of living high.

We didn’t make the taxes high.

The very expensive nature of New York is solely because of New York City. We subsidize your existence. Most of NYCers should move to the South or West Coast. Your population is greater than Norway.

Liberal democracy is beneficial for cities, and people that want to be perverse. Any authentic culture & sense of community will be erased. In this hyper-individualistic, and hedonistic system.

I would also like to talk about San Francisco. A city known for being a bastion of progressive values. While also having one of the greatest homeless populations in the country. Another area with idealistic beliefs, and high cost of living.

Noticing a pattern yet?

It’s almost like it’s meant to benefit rich perverts at the cost of everyone else.

West Virginia is so close to Washington DC. But somehow it’s the poorest state in the Union. It’s known for drug addiction, poverty, and more.

But billions of aid doesn’t go their way. But we send billions to Ukraine, and 149 other countries. If you’re from Upstate New York, Appalachia, and the American Midwest.

You’re a Kulak. You’re an unwanted class of American society. You will assimilate or perish.

Your culture will be replaced with McDonald’s, Amazon, and pornography.

Your culture & faith will be as commodified as the Irish or Italians. They’re just White enough to be considered White. But not White enough to avoid commodification.

The cultures of ethnic Whites, Hispanics, and Africans are treated like products. True expression is not permitted. It must fit within the liberal costume.

It must submit to the worldview of the Upper Class of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and California.

Trying to reconnect with your ancestry is met with mockery or accusations of far right beliefs. Any embrace of tradition even in a liberal way is suspicious. You will no longer be Iranian.

You’ll be a Westerner with Iranian characteristics.

That is the fate that the Pahlavi heir is selling.

That is also what St. Petersburg liberals promote.

You’ll Americanize & be happy!

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