Meme coins & privacy coins still understand the true purpose of crypto. To exist outside the current financial system. There could be a way around regulation. But this would be a tough sell.

Circulating supply: 999 trillion

You can’t buy it with fiat currency or crypto. You’ll receive a random amount from a DOGEclassic faucet. The faucet is only accessible once a week. It keeps track of your wallet address, and recent deposits.

So, that you can’t exploit it.

By having it be basically valueless, and free to obtain. This would make it impossible to tax. Because you’d need a very significant amount.

There’ll be no burn function like Shiba Inu has.

1 DOGEC is worth 1 DOGEC.

This is just an idea that some developer can use. If they want to. Because it’s basically valueless, and can’t be sold or converted. It’d be very hard to tax.


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