Parallel Imperium

This is how I’d introduce female space marines into the universe. Without upsetting lifelong fans that defend the canon. They aren’t necessarily gatekeeping by the way.

They’re technically correct. But at the same time, I feel like they’re ignoring potential scenarios. You can have female marines.

They just won’t be apart of the God Emperor’s Imperium.

The Parallel Imperium

A Hermetic Blade allowed himself to be captured by Space Wolves. In order to deliver a message. A warning that he knew would go unheeded.

After being put into restraints the Hermetic Blade began to speak. The space marines were planning on having a little fun. But a tech priest insisted that he be permitted to speak.

“My name is Lucius, but that’s not exactly relevant. I have come to give you vital information. Information that I don’t believe will be taken seriously.

But nonetheless I am here to carry his will.

Fabius Bile has successfully created a portal to a parallel universe. He’s creating the anti-imperium, and creating a physical form for Slaanesh.

The one he went to doesn’t have an imperium yet.” Said Lucius

The Tech-Priest looked fairly concerned. However the marines were giggling like children.

“You may find this amusing but you won’t when it comes knocking.

Slaanesh has specifically requested a female body with both male, and female genitalia. She wishes to be the embodiment of duality. It must also be the most beautiful, and seductive form that Fabius can do.

There will be female astartes & custodes.

There will be 3 female primarchs, and 3 feminine hermaphrodite primarchs. What? I thought we were laughing? Good, perhaps you’ll take me seriously now. The other 6 will be male.

These children of Slaanesh & Fabius Bile who rules alongside her are going to be ruthless.

In a way that you have not seen before.

There’s an exciting element about the universe that Fabius selected. The Chaos Gods are worshipped by all. The positive & negative aspects of Chaos flow easily there.

Slaanesh is feeding off of the positivity & negativity from that universe. Just like she does with the negativity of ours. This won’t be the same perverted being very soon.

Your days to prepare are numbered.

The forces of Tzeentch offer a temporary alliance to the Imperium.

An offer that you will decline.

Just know that Tzeentch is capable of tapping into this universe as well. He is all knowing unlike your foolish primarchs. I won’t speak negatively of the Emperor.

The old man sits on his throne, and lets you fail. He has already passed judgment upon you.” Said Lucius

This angered everyone in the room. The Tech-Priest heard enough. He told the boys to proceed.


That’s how I’d present it to both sides. Nobody will be able to call it lore breaking. Everyone wins!

Here’s people I’d suggest to use as inspiration for the 6 non-male primarchs, and the female chaos marines.

  • Stefi Cohen
  • Jade Cargill
  • Kristen Nun
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Parmesan_1717 on TikTok
  • Marie Temara on TikTok & IG

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