The EU bailout that the United States should offer

The Euro is taking a hit. The energy crisis that has occurred, and the pseudo-green movement are hurting Europe. The United States should offer territory status to all EU member states. With a path to statehood.

The Nordic, and Germanic countries are the most likely to accept. The Italians won’t accept the offer. But the Polish, French, and Hungarians will. The Greeks definitely will.

The Greek economy is ass, and the neo-Ottomanist sentiment in Turkey is growing.

This would completely destroy the anti-natalist but pro mass immigration camp. There’d be no need to import labor to keep the economy growing. When you’ve absorbed new territories to use. Fresh ideas, people, and resources.

For those of you that believe in social democracy. The logical move would be to simply absorb the continent known for it. The Nordic, and Germanic citizens of the United Western States will vote for it.

Unlike most Americans.

You’d also be closer to fully automated luxury communism. Because the Germans are a very industrious, and innovative people. You can have your ideal society!

But the United States & European Union must merge first!

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