The Failure of Christianity in the 21st century

Islam understands the purpose of universal monotheism quite well. They’ve successfully implemented it. Whether it’s through relatively peaceful means or truly imperial means. The Muslim world gets it.

If your goal is one world under God. You are stating that you have imperial intent. That’s the whole point of converting foreigners, and enemies. Why would you want your enemies to worship the same God as you? If you’re not going to follow through with traditional imperialism.

One issue is it creates an internal conflict within your armed forces. If they are also followers of your God. It is much harder to take this universal imperialist route, If they do!

It also reduces the importance of national interests.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. Ancient empires ruled quite well with religious diversity. But empires that were monotheist didn’t tolerate difference.

The goal was total submission to the new order. This mentality still exists among progressives, and atheists. Their tolerance is very superficial.

Christianity is divided into countless sects. It’s moral philosophy is used against it’s believers. Christians have been gaslit into putting their families, and communities last.

They’re accused of being bad people, and fake Christians. If they don’t put Ukrainians , Syrians, and other foreigners before them.

It works very well…

Because no one wants to be perceived as a bad person.

If you refuse to let your child consume inappropriate material at school. Like the parents in Dearborn did. You’re a bad person, and an awful bigoted monster.

Usually playing the morality card works. But in the case of Dearborn it did not. The books were removed.

There are aspects of Christianity that make Christians submissive. This is useful for centralized power, and imperium. A rowdy, and rebellious peasantry is dangerous.

Disenfranchised, and minor nobility might exploit the outrage.

Which is why the masses must be kept submissive, and docile. Western Christianity was doing that for a while. But the 60s to 90s really did neutralize it’s potency.

Now the elites rely on consumer distractions, and clever tricks that cause division. This will not last because a new cultural tool is needed. Islam is thriving, and that makes them a potential choice.

Religion does play an essential role in the stability, and functionality of civilization.

Weakening it or attempting to remove it is a foolish mistake. You need it in order to keep everything smooth. Governance requires less effort with the divine.

Secularism stunts your growth

Here’s two posts I’ve written that expand upon the subject a bit. This was written in 2021. Discussing the purpose of monotheism. The problem with Christianity, and so on.

Definitely worth a read

This covers aesthetics, evolutionary psychology, monotheism, and polytheism. I definitely recommend reading this.

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