The People’s Islamic Republic of China

Before we get the to it. Here’s a brief explanation of the setting. Here’s the map of China in this timeline. The conflicts within the Communist Party led to a split in 2025.

The Protectorate of Taiwan

  • Economically & politically similar to Singapore
  • Currently governed by a general selected by NATO & QUAD
  • The United States Navy is protecting the island 24/7

The People’s Republic of China

  • The Northeastern territories of China
  • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the governing philosophy
  • Partially isolated
  • Militant

Inner Mongolia was annexed by Mongolia.

The Celestial Kingdom of Huning

  • Wang Huning Thought, Mandate of Heaven, and Chinese Legalism
  • Southeastern China
  • Chinese folk religion & Buddhism
  • State capitalist & militant
  • Moderately sympathetic to the West

The People’s Islamic Republic of China

  • Dengist theocracy
  • Deobandi Sunni Islam
  • Imperialistic
  • Western & Central China
  • Aligned with Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan
  • Anti-Russia, Anti-USA, Anti-Iran, and Anti-India
  • Intends to find descendants of the Prophet, and create the caliphate
  • Funds the efforts of Sameera Khan, Infrared Haz, and Andrew Tate

The United States successfully neutralized BRICS through Lula. Who withdrew Brazil from the organization. Announcing a full commitment to WEF’s agenda at Davos.

The European Union made a deal with the Devil in an act of desperation. In order to save it’s economy, and resolve the energy crisis.

The European Union agreed to become American territories, and eventually states. This made the American economy enter a boom period. That completely obliterated all previous data. The Sun did not set in the West.

Russia fell under the influence of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Communist Party. Which means they no longer want to play equal or be second. They were stoking the flames of irredentism. A revival of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union.

Young Chinese women were becoming increasingly more interested in the West. Specifically entertainment from the 50s to early 90s. The Retro-Westerner subculture was spreading.

Young Chinese men were getting into entertainment like Wolf of Wall Street, Mad Men, Fight Club, Weezer, and Run DMC. They were also playing lots of Warhammer 40k.

Attempts at control, and censorship were weakening. The rise of political factions was unstoppable. The Xi clique abdicated in order to calm things down. But this was only seen as an opportunity.

Wang Huning was tired of ruling in the shadows. The more leftist Chinese wanted a return to real communism™️. Inner Mongolia wanted to be Mongolian. The Chinese Muslims wanted their own state. Taiwan wants to be a Western protectorate.

The integration of Inner Mongolia into Mongolia occurred without opposition. Taiwan severing ties with China fully was relatively peaceful. But The battle for Northeastern China was a brutal one. With an unexpected twist, The North Koreans intervened.

In order to help the leftist rebels defeat the state capitalist PRC. The PRC forces ran out of food, and munitions. This ultimately led to surrender.

But in the Southeast, Wang Huning took over without firing a shot. Because he had been installing his own people for some time. As a contingency plan for balkanization.

He immediately reached out to Tokyo, Canberra, and Washington DC. Informing them that the Celestial Kingdom wishes to do business.

The Chinese Muslims received assistance from Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Which made taking Western & Central China go a lot faster. Suspiciously enough, the West didn’t comment on it at all.

After the conflict was over, The People’s Islamic Republic of China announced it’s plans. All of the previously mentioned things, and so much more. Here’s just a little bit from the ten year plan.

  • Immigration is open to all Muslims
  • Women aren’t allowed in political positions of power
  • Women aren’t allowed to vote
  • Space program
  • An Islamic Silicon Valley
  • polygynous polygamy
  • A mosque as grand as the Blue Mosque in Turkey
  • The annexation of Nepal & Bhutan
  • Get a male descendant of the Prophet to declare himself the Caliph

Lots of optimistic goals.

Afghanistan & Pakistan agreed to become apart of the PIRC. Once they’ve achieved the last goal. Once there’s a Caliph, they’ll join.

Lots of business deals were being made with men from Dubai. The PIRC economy is doing quite well. The UAE is a publicly neutral but silent partner of the PIRC’s.

The PIRC is currently at war with the Islamic State, and Al Qaeda. Who’ve been trying to establish a presence in the country. The PIRC has called them the “Thugs of Iblis” in public statements to the press.

In order to strengthen it’s influence abroad. They’ve begun giving funding to people like Andrew Tate, Sameera Khan, and Infrared Haz. This has helped the PIRC in dealing with the West.

The ultimate goal is to eventually replicate the cultural soft power of Japan. So, that it might create sympathy towards them. As they proceed with their ultimate goal.

All current & former Islamic lands under PIRC control.

The Republican Party, and the Conservative Party of Canada are the primary PIRC opponents in the West. Many others are currently neutral about it. Though it’s becoming a debate topic in fringe feminist circles. Radical feminists, and Xeno-feminists for example.

Ilhan Omar has been trying to meet with PIRC diplomats. But they always respond with incredibly sexist jokes. Before leaving to go get more Pepsi.

Who knows what fate has in store for the PIRC, and the other fledgling nations? Only time will tell! Xi Jinping, and his clique are currently teaching in various Western universities.

Under intense supervision but it’s better than the alternative.

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