A sincere question about the “Stolen Land” stance

Here’s a brief rant before the actual question.

They say that the United States & Canada are built on stolen land. Which is a narrative that actually disrespects great native warriors. By presenting them as weaklings.

When you call the land stolen. You are saying these men were too weak, and stupid to defend it. It seems that so much of the narrative is simply a roundabout way of proclaiming that Europeans are a superhuman race.

Your woke politics is literally White supremacy.

But that’s not what I want to discuss.

Tribes fought over territory prior to European colonialism. This isn’t up for debate. Aztec Empire, Incan Empire, and the Sioux for example. Lots of violence over land.

Do you call them out for their aggression?

Modern Turkey is built on land that used to belong to Greece & Rome. By your logic, this is stolen land. Making Turkey an illegitimate state. Do you call out Turkey for it’s imperialist past?

Do you demand that the land formerly belonging to Greece & Rome be returned? If you don’t please explain why! Because I feel like a consistent anti-imperialist would.

Are you pushing for a United Ireland? The Irish have been oppressed for centuries by the English. Experienced hard & soft forms of genocide. Erasure of Celtic culture, extermination, and so on.

Northern Ireland is stolen land.

I could do this all day.

All I want to know is why you don’t consistently apply this narrative? Why is their a fixation on the United States, and Canada? Will you start being consistent with your position?

If you don’t intend to be consistent with this. Explain why

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