Alternative Wrestling Commentary 01/21/96

Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the City General Gymnasium in Takamatsu! The wrestlers of All Japan Pro Wrestling have come to resolve serious issues. Kawada has claimed that Honda’s Mother has the juiciest & most grippy kitty in Yokohama. Honda intends to defend his Mother’s honor. Though legend has it that she once spent a night with Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki, and Andre the Giant” Said Baron

The two wrestlers are in the ring waiting for the match to begin. Both men are ready to do battle.

Plenty on the line for Honda. His Mother’s honor, and his reputation. I’m being told that his Mother is currently leaving Ribera Steakhouse. Apparently wearing furs, and a red dress. Not a good sign for Honda. She might be the juicy grip reaper of legend. The one known throughout New Japan, and All Japan.

These two men are giving it all they’ve got. Kawada has made Honda tap! Honda must be devastated. But not as devastated as he will be once he hears about his Mother’s steakhouse trip! Keep him in your thoughts, Folks!” Said Baron

Honda leaves exhausted, and defeated.

After that we have a six man tag team match. These men went to a hostess club earlier this week. Misawa, and Kobashi’s favorite girls were more interested in Stan Hansen. Even though there were plenty of girls at the table. It still upset them. Now we’ll see Misawa, Kobashi, and Akiyama face Hansen, Albright, and Duncum! Will Misawa & Kobashi get revenge? Will they be humiliated once again? Let’s find out” said Baron

As the men enter the ring, you can see all of the hostesses at ringside.

Team Hansen is giving them a serious beating at the moment. The Hostesses must’ve sensed their power. Hansen’s team is finally getting a little bit of a challenge. But will it last?

Total chaos has erupted, and the team of Misawa, Kobashi, and Akiyama leave victorious! Will they return to that hostess club? Will those girls apologize? This must be a wonderful feeling of victory for them.” Said Baron

Thank you for reading this alternative commentary of All Japan TV!

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