Dear Blue State GOP

Hopefully, I’ve caught you at a good time. You’ve been basically irrelevant for quite some time. The state that you live in is a De facto one party state. Whatever the democrats want becomes law.

Here’s what you can do in order to fix the problem. Achieve some relevance for the first time in a long time. Say Goodbye to Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, and Ayn Rand.

That era is over.

  • Form strong ties to other religious communities

The GOP’s ties to Protestantism, and Catholicism are strong enough. It’s time to meet with other faiths. This is the party that honors religion, and respects tradition.

Religious groups to meet with:

  • Sunni Muslims
  • Shia Muslims
  • Ahmadi Muslims
  • Hindus
  • Orthodox Christians
  • Orthodox Jews
  • Norse Pagans
  • Mormons
  • Mennonites
  • Greco-Roman Pagans
  • Kemetic Pagans
  • Buddhists

This will help build a better conservatism. A more Hellenistic approach than before. American Conservatism is heavily Protestant with a layer of Catholicism on top. Other religions will offer new perspectives on conservative values.

  • Protectionism & welfare

Blue state conservatives should be in favor of both. But not in the way that it is currently done.

Here’s how we’ll fund it.

  • Remittance taxes
  • Complete legalization of Weed
  • Complete legalization of gambling
  • Tobacco & alcohol taxes
  • Pornography taxes
  • Capital gains tax

We’ll get rid of SNAP & EBT. It will be replaced with universal basic income. Every adult gets $1,200 a month directly deposited into their bank account. That’ll be just enough to help with the bills. An extra $14,400 each year will be helpful.

The working class, and middle class deserve bailouts too.

When it comes to protectionism. These are the men to model your economic policies after.

  • Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Donald Trump
  • Ross Perot
  • Jean-Baptiste Colbert
  • Thomas Mun
  • Richard Cantillon
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • William McKinley
  • Free dental care for all

Medical care for something as essential as teeth shouldn’t be as expensive as it is. It should be very accessible to all.

  • Free Paternity Testing

It should be completely free, and offered once the child is born. Only one partner needs to agree to it. This’ll eliminate plenty of issues.

  • Make paternity testing a mandatory requirement for child support

A man should never have to knowingly or unknowingly provide for a child. If that child is not biologically his offspring. In the interest of justice, and equality. This should be law.

  • Technological innovation

The United States needs to reduce it’s dependency on cars, and gasoline. But not in the dumb progressive way. We need nuclear power, and high speed rail systems.

The value of gas fluctuates because of our relationship with foreign powers. We’ve got oil at home in the Americas. However I feel that nuclear power deserves a second chance.

With recent technological advances, and future advancements. The risk factor shouldn’t be as high as before. As for nuclear waste.

They’re rods that are cooled down, and placed in containers. It’s not going to leak into the water. Creating three eyed fish.

A high speed rail system could get you from Buffalo to New York City in a relatively short period of time. Which means more opportunities for work, and play.

  • Web3 & Fediverse

Be the party that promotes these improvements to cyberspace. You want to be the party that backs this. This’ll give you an insanely competitive edge, Trust me. Don’t try to hinder them with bullshit regulations.

Fund it!


Watch how easy it’ll be for people to make essential & non-essential purchases. Which means the companies that you’re invested in right now. Will end up making more money.

Which means your net worth increased because you let the little guy keep his money.

This combined with universal basic income will lead to a baby boom. People will be able to afford kids again. You won’t have to hire translators as much.

If you make it so people can afford to enjoy life.

They’ll support you.

It’s really not hard at all.

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