The Cuban Colonial Empire

In this timeline, Che Guevara faked his death. He moved to Haiti with a handful of loyal supporters. He’d quickly become popular with the farmers, merchants, and laborers.

Che had a change of heart politically. He now believed in a socialistic form of monarchism. Through his newsletter, He’d spread his ideas to the Haitian public.

His ideas were adopted to some extent. Che Guevara ruled from the shadows. All laws, and trade deals were approved by him. His first major victory was the unification of Haiti with the Dominican Republic.

He picked this moment to reveal himself to the international community. The claims of his demise are false. He intends to liberate Cuba from Castro’s tyranny.

Che Guevara promises to establish the Cuban Colonial Empire. He is now the King of the newly unified nation. A country called the “People’s Kingdom of Cuba” .

Che Guevara embraced a very unique form of Mormonism. It’s influenced by the polygamist Mormon groups, and Santeria. He currently has two wives. Che has contacted Spain, and Greece for a third wife. He wants to marry a Princess.

The Greek & Spanish royal families told him. They’d agree on one condition. He conquers Jamaica, and the majority of the Caribbean. Che Guevara started things off with the Puerto Rican Purchase.

He also promised to sell cobalt, iron, petroleum, and copper to the USA. At a discounted rate, that other nations will not received. The budding Cuban Colonial Empire also signed a defense agreement with America.

Che Guevara also denounced the USSR, and China.

Emperor Guevara purchased military equipment from the United States. As well as an unnamed private dealer from Argentina. Whose supplying him with WW2 German surplus.

Firearms, U-boats, and so on.

His invasion of Jamaica was brutal, and swift. The defense forces surrendered in less than a week. The Spanish & Greek royal families were very impressed.

They decided that they’d agree to the marriage now. Obtaining his third, and fourth wife had other benefits. More trade deals, and defense treaties.

The Cuban economy is booming.

The Cuban Colonial Empire would go on to conquer Aruba, Barbados, Dominica, and Trinidad & Tobago. The Castroists would occasionally try to take Cuba. But they’d fail every time.

The Kuriawa Trading Company developed strong ties to business community of Japan, and Southeast Asia. Bringing unique versions of popular Japanese cinema to the empire.

New Japan Pro Wrestling, and All Japan Pro Wrestling also became quite popular. Becoming the first wrestling promotions to hold events in Havana. This led to TV deals throughout the empire. As well as broadcast syndication deals in America. That eventually became national in 1994.

Creating an interesting environment with WWF, WCW, and ECW.

Emperor Che Guevara the 2nd succeeded his Father in 1995. His Father passed after a severe case of pneumonia. The Emperor is the son of the third wife, the Princess from Spain.

He would also marry a woman from Spain, and Greece like his Father. But he also married a Princess from Jordan. Establishing ties to the Middle East. He’d also marry a singer from Japan.

The Cuban Colonial Empire’s first major war was against Morocco. Over a trade negotiation gone horribly wrong. The war was primarily naval based.

The Cubans developed a reputation for feigning retreat, and recklessness on the water. This war would last until a Moroccan ship mistook an American vessel for a Cuban one in 2002. Five years of battle between the two powers.

The Moroccans are still paying the Americans & Cubans to do this day. The peace deal was incredibly one sided. Rumor has it that a faction is trying to get Spain to annex Morocco.

But there hasn’t been any real proof presented.

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