AWC 01/28/96

AWC is inspired by MXC & Adult Swim.

Welcome back to the City General Gymnasium, Folks! For another episode of All Japan TV! Rex King & Yoshinari Ogawa are competing for the Junior Heavyweight championship. Rex King somehow managed to take a shit in Ogawa’s duffel bag earlier. Adding a very smelly element to this title match! The next match decides who gets a night with the Grip Reaper herself! Honda’s Mother! Akira Taue versus Masao Inoue could be must-see TV!” Said Baron

Match Start

“Rex King is putting a lot of pressure on the champion. But Ogawa is still fighting. The scent of Rex King’s shit on his gear has not phased him. Rex is trying to make the smelly Ogawa tap out. But he’s made it to the ropes. Rex is launching Ogawa into the turnbuckles. Rex King ate a lot of McDonald’s in order to produce that shit. But his strategy doesn’t seem to be working. Ogawa continues to fight.

The battle has left the ring, and the poor woman at ringside is forced to smell Ogawa. As he was slammed onto a table. The smell must have invaded her nostrils like a fat kid in a buffet.

The battle for the championship is back in the ring. A pin attempt was made by Ogawa but he was unsuccessful. Rex is punishing him right now! Will it pay off?

3 pin attempts made by Rex King but Ogawa is fighting through the smell. He won’t let him get away with shitting in his duffel bag!

They’re both down & the referee has begun the count! They’re up at 8! Rex went for another pin attempt, and then a high risk move! Another failed pin attempt!

Ogawa rolls him up, and gets the three count. He has retained his championship, and restored his honor! He’ll be getting a much needed shower.” Said Baron


Match Two Start

“The battle for the grip reaper has begun. Taue & Inoue are showing off their technical ability. Earlier in the day, Akira Taue was seen speaking with Giant Baba. About the glory days of the Grip Reaper. It also is rumored that Inoue sends love letters to the Honda household. So, this is a very important battle for him.

But it was all for nothing because Akira Taue put him down. Akira Taue will get a night with the Grip Reaper. Inoue has promised revenge!

But how will he achieve it?” Said Baron

This has been brought to you by the Nyx Nightly News Network! A subsidiary of the Red Cult of Nyx.

Thank you for reading!

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