How the Roman Empire was saved in the 1000s

This is how I’d save & begin the restoration of the Roman Empire.

By converting the empire to Catholicism, I am ensuring the possibility of military aid. The threat from Turkic & Islamic forces is reduced. Orthodox Christianity alienated them from Western Europe.

A renewed focus on the economy is necessary. In order to prevent future problems.

The Kingdom of Hungary was a fairly solid power at the time. They’re very close to the borders of the empire. Should the Eastern Romans need reinforcements quickly. They’re right there.

Venice did a lot of damage to the Eastern Roman Empire in the 1200s. By having crusaders attack them. I don’t think the empire becoming Catholic will be enough.

The mercantile republic must be preemptively destroyed. Their assets & territories must be seized. The Eastern Romans would have to paint them as demonic greed obsessed sinners.

In order to get approval from Western European royals, and the papacy. Once this is achieved, The Eastern Romans can eliminate them.

With help from allies, if necessary. A strong Eastern Rome would’ve been quite useful. The next 900 years would’ve been so different.

Imagine if the empire actually made it to the 20th century? That would’ve been so cool. 27 BC to 1922 AD.

By seizing the territories of the Pechenegs. The Eastern Roman Empire would have greater control of the Black Sea. Which would be great for trade & defense.

It also means more tax revenue, and troops. Which is essential with continued threats from the East. The Pechenegs were a semi-nomadic people. Our Eastern Roman Cavalry could learn something from them.

Trimming the bureaucracy is pretty self-explanatory. Get rid of corrupt, and inefficient people. In order to reduce the likelihood of rebellions.

Again by establishing strong ties to the papacy. I would be creating stronger ties to the Catholic world. Which is very useful for trade & security purposes.

How would you save the Roman Empire?

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