Soft Pink Patriarchy: The child of feminism

The culture of the West was a hard & proper patriarchy for awhile. But it gradually became a semi-egalitarian society. However I don’t believe this will last much longer.

In the 2030s, almost 50% of women are expected to be single.

Women are struggling to find men that make as much money as they do. Men are less likely to go to college than women are.

I would consider the 2020s to be the swan song of the prized damsel mentality. We’re already seeing elements of the shift towards men being the prize to be won. It’s becoming more common place to see women providing for a man in some way.

Whether it’s gift giving like a sugar mommy or quite literally paying his bills. Women are slowly losing their place as the prize. I don’t know how this will affect the politics of a nation.

But if this trend continues, it’ll be fascinating to see the results.

Only 1% of men currently earn six figures. The median salary of an American man is 50,000 dollars. Though many women in their twenties, and thirties say they want the six figure man.

The Female Delusion Calculator uses statistics from the US Census Bureau, and NCHS. The website provides citations to back up the calculator results. So, if you’d like to see how many physically fit men make six figures. Check out Igotstandardsbro!

As this trend continues, the average man will be experiencing a golden age of romance. Something that used to be a privilege of the top tier of men. They’ll be able to thank feminist icons for all this.

But I believe overtime the soft pink patriarchy will become a true patriarchy again. Humanity will revert to it’s default settings. Feminism tried to smash the patriarchy.

But it just ended up giving birth to a new kind of patriarchy.

The rise of the “Mommy” kink, and it’s “Muscle Mommy” offshoot is another strong indication of this. This is very easy to spot on TikTok. The go-to app for people under thirty.

Women will soon discover how expensive dating truly is. The closer we get to 2030. Funnily enough, The Boomer generation is expected to die off around the same time.

Funny how that works.

However the rise of SNEAKO & people like him suggests something else. The possibility of a very traditional form of patriarchy returning. Given the advocacy for polygamy from this camp. I’d look at the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for examples.

Although it could be influenced by Medieval Europe as well. Plenty of Christians & Muslims in that faction.

The future is the tale of two patriarchies in the West.

Which would you prefer?

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