WOKEHAMMER 40k: The Genestealer Infiltration

The WOKE Genestealers have been trying to conquer Warhammer for sometime. Their latest move is female space marines. What’s going to be the response to FSM models not selling? GW tried this before. The consumer base doesn’t want it.

Plus there isn’t a valid argument against Adeptus Astartes being a brotherhood.

Entertainment typically marketed towards boys, and men is targeted for a reason. They will not rest until they’ve got total control of society. Just like they long marched through academia, and religious organizations. Here are some examples.

DC & Marvel: Claimed by the WOKE Genestealer Cult

Anime & Manga: The battle is ongoing

Magic The Gathering & DND : Claimed by the WOKE Genestealer Cult

The Warhammer franchise: battle is ongoing

Paganism: The battle is ongoing, but WOKE has the advantage

Western Christianity: Claimed by the WOKE

Western academia: Claimed by the WOKE

I’ve suggested a middle of the road solution to the problem. But at the same time, I don’t believe they should be placated at all. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

This is how it should be done, if it’s done at all.

The Woke Genestealer doesn’t actually care about the hobby. It doesn’t enjoy it for what it is. It partakes in it for what it could be.

Warhammer must conform to the beliefs of the collective mind. Entertainment must conform to ideological standards. It’s impossible for entertainment to be good, if it doesn’t validate the will of the collective.

Opponents of this should familiarize themselves with opposition political writings. Because being reactionary in a culture war isn’t enough. You must become a counter-revolutionary. Here is a list of thinkers that’ll help you understand the enemy.

  • Sakai
  • Adorno
  • Marcuse
  • Gramsci
  • Trotsky
  • Horkheimer

Conservatives & centrists are woefully ignorant of the inner workings of the Neo-Progressive Hive. You’re not dealing with George Carlin or Franklin D Roosevelt. Those people were reasonable.

Left leaning hegemony in entertainment, and education exists because of absence. The Right doesn’t put enough effort into these things. We need more teachers, and entertainers that aren’t neoliberals.

If you want to have your faith, education, and entertainment reflect your values. You cannot have a classical liberal mindset. They’re invasive like black carp. You must become very hostile to invasive behavior. While also being invasive yourselves.

Push them out of your hobbies.

Push them out of your religious organizations.

Push them out of your child’s education.

The uncompromising nature that Islam is very admirable. It doesn’t conform to your feelings & way of life. You either accept it or you don’t.

Sure, the WOKE genestealers are trying to change that. But if the book incident in Michigan tells us anything. They’ll have to pull off an outstanding chess move to do it.

They’ll continue to push for their garbage.

Unless you make it abundantly clear that you will never surrender.

Financial & cultural influence decides the direction of civilization. Votes do not.

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