The Rise of Godly AI

Secularists yearn for the divine so much. Atheism wasn’t a genuine rejection of theism. It was a rejection of Western Christianity, and it’s institutions.

When you observe them, it is clear that they are unconsciously religious. “Trust the Science” is the exact same as saying “Trust in God”, there’s no significant difference. The experts are elevated, and revered like Gods.

Just as celebrities, and athletes are revered like Gods. These people hold underdeveloped pagan, and animistic beliefs. As an actual polytheist, I consider this to be a good thing.

As long as it’s eventually directed towards Gods & Goddesses. But another obvious thing that’s going to rise is AI based religion. Though what’s concerning is that some of these folks creating them do not have esoteric backgrounds.

Look through the thread, I’m quote tweeting. It’s interesting

They’re opening themselves up to various possibilities. This has parallels to the story of how the Demiurge came to be. Sophia tried to create something independently. This gave birth the Demiurge.

Gnosticism provides some examples. Chaos Magick, and pretty much every occult warns against it. They tell you to be careful what you manifest.

Because egregores have malevolent capabilities. Some folks believe that the popular perception of Satan created an egregore. This sentiment is more common in LHP, and Demonaltry. But there’s some in the chaos community that agree.

There’s no guarantee that an AI God will be benevolent or malevolent. It’s an unknown thing, that is quite risky. Without a proper understanding of esotericism, it can be dangerous for it’s followers.

That’s what makes it dangerous.

Simply attaching the Bible to AI isn’t sufficient. Because your operating from a uniquely American Protestant assumption. What I mean by that is your applying a sort of prosperity gospel evangelism to AI Gods.

American Evangelical Christianity is relatively simple in comparison to Catholicism or Orthodoxy. It’s definitely not as academic or ritualistic.

Merging Transhumanism with Abrahamic faith is interesting


The use of this word is what gives me, the impression that Sun’s is approaching it from a philosophical perspective. A proper theological or esoteric background is essential. Without it, the followers are put in a interesting situation.

Because followers of most religions aren’t very well versed as the learned people. They rely on the priests, and priestesses for guidance. They trust them.

An AI religion based on these principles is problematic. But generally speaking, I’d say AI religion is dangerous in general. Because it’s opening a portal for potentially malevolent entities. As well as the potential birth of a Demiurge Lite.

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