First Encounter: The Longhouse Valkyries versus Space Wolves pt.1

Checkout “Parallel Imperium”, and “WH40k Homebrew Longhouse Valkyries” for some brief lore.

At 0900 hours, the Space Wolves received a message.

“At 1100 hours, there will be two Empress Class Battleships above Fenris. We are the Longhouse Valkyries! Slaanesh is our Empress, and Fabius Bile is her Emperor Consort. Our Primarch is Astrid Russ! We’ve humiliated Tau, Death Korps, and Orks! The Space Puppies are next!

Prepare for battle, and servitude!

For the Empress!”

The message is cut short by Leman Russ himself.

“Astrid Russ? Fabius Bile would resort to mockery with his creations. Boasting about besting the Tau or the Death Korps is laughable. That’s child’s play!

Even on short notice, We will decimate them. We’ll see if his Girl Scouts can handle the harsh conditions of Fenris!” Said Leman Russ

The Spaces Wolves spent the coming hours doing very little to prepare. Because Leman didn’t consider them to be a threat. However the Primarch will live to regret this decision.

At 1000 hours, the scanners were going haywire. Two ships were coming through the warp pretty slowly. Slower than an Emperor Class typically would. This actually made Leman reconsider his decision.

At 1100 hours, they were here on full display. Twice as large as an Emperor Class Battleship. These ships were bright purple, and dark blue.

Another message came through.

“I see that you didn’t take me seriously, Leman. Fabius did say you’d laugh it off. But we’ll how long you can defend Fenris without calling your brothers! For I am Astrid Russ! The Dominator of Man & Xeno alike! Worship at my feet!”

You could hear her laughter as the message ended.

The bombardment lasted until 1300 hours. The Valkyries descended upon them. The Space Wolves were angry with Russ for his carelessness. They quietly requested aid from the Blood Angels, White Scars, and Ultramarines.

Unbeknownst to Leman Russ, Of Course.

To be continued…

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