WH40k homebrew: The Longhouse Valkyries

The Longhouse Valkyries is the first female space marine legion created by Fabius Bile. These women wear the mark of Slaanesh on their left breastplate. They’re 9 feet tall with green eyes, and pumpkin orange hair.

They only use melee weapons, and explosives in battle. They’ve developed a reputation for having orgies with their captives. Which has been a useful way of getting servile labor.

The soldiers of Tau Empire & Death Korps of Krieg are usually the easiest for them to take. But sometimes they’ll capture an Ultramarine or a Blood Angel. Though it’s quite rare for them to actually best a member of the Adeptus Astartes.

They managed to take a planet from the Orks somehow. Some reports claim that their armor was purple & blue for this mission. Lucky, and sneaky.

Their Primarch is named Astrid Russ. Fabius Bile thought it’d be a great way to get under the skin of the Space Wolves. She is thirteen feet tall. A sultry muscular beauty known for her eccentric punishments. She’s one of Slaanesh’s favorites.

Based off this idea of mine

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