The PRC Delusion

The People’s Republic of China doesn’t have what it takes. I don’t see them becoming the global hegemonic power. The PRC will be competing for regional hegemony first in a multipolar world. This is where BRICS collapses.

Russia, India, and Japan will want influence over East Asia. If we include Western Asia that makes it more interesting. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran become competitors in this scenario.

Teamwork between many of these powers requires a powerful, and aggressive United States. If the USA retreats to Europe, and the Americas. The gloves will come off.

This little team will break up.

Japan is Team USA. Which means the presence of the United States will still be felt. Just in an indirect way.

There’s actually legitimate reasons to believe that a Sino-Indian war could be on the way. Here’s 3 sources on that. I’d also recommend going to the WION News YouTube channel. Now I’ll move on to explaining, why they couldn’t maintain hegemony.

Russia sat under the learning tree of the Eastern Roman & Mongolian empires. They’ve spent all of their history governing various groups of people. In the Soviet era, the Russians got a trial run. They were actually close to dethroning the USA at certain points.

Countries were defecting to their side. Lots of innovative technology as well. Most of China’s history is within Mainland China. Sure, there are instances of them exerting themselves outside of China.

But much of China’s experience with the outside world is being invaded. Mongols, Japanese, British, Russia, Vietnam, French, and the list goes on.

They’ve also made serious policy mistakes. The One Child Policy being chief among them. Now they’re looking down the Malthusian barrel. The trigger is about to be pulled.

There’s also the well-documented housing bubble, and ghost cities.

Here’s a video to go with the article

Russia has been implementing an irredentist strategy as late. Which will inevitably cause some trouble with China. The Communist Party & the Liberal Democratic Party want to reclaim old glory.

The Liberal Democrats want the Russian empire. The Communists want the Soviet Union. Putin’s willingness to annex parts of Ukraine since 2014. Hints at the possibility of an imperial rebirth.

The influence of those parties are growing. Who’s Vladimir’s successor within United Russia? Kadyrov, and Medvedev most likely.

If it’s Kadyrov, that’s a one hundred percent guarantee of increased annexation.

Also as a Muslim, He may take issue with the treatment of the Muslims in China. There’s the potential for a conflict between Russia, and China for a variety of reasons. The Russian Far East is LDPR & KPRF territory.

The Sino-Soviet border conflict was in 1969. That’s not really that long ago. There’s a chance that China still wants a piece of Russia. Just like they’re clashing with Indians over there border.

They still want the Republic of China also known as Taiwan.

There’s also internal issues within China.

The United States governs like the Roman Empire in a lot of ways. Maintain order through chaos is a classic move. They’ve been using it a lot more since the 1960s.

But it’d be nice, if the USA was a semi-traditional imperial state. Like they did prior to the hippie devolution of America. 21 of 46 Presidents have been re-elected.

The American people don’t want to constantly deal with elections. Alexander Hamilton wanted a monarchy. We should be an elective monarchy like the Holy Roman Empire. A nation with a socialistic conservative market economy.

Russia has always governed itself like a traditional imperial state.

China has been playing hegemony games since Deng. They’re the new kid on the block. They’re not the real one.

It’s going to be USA versus Russia forever.

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