The OnlyFans Apocalypse: When AI booty throws it back

This is the third installment in my on-going documentation of hedonistic decline. Links to part 1 & 2 are at the bottom. Plenty of citations in those. Let’s discuss the future for sex workers now!

With the rise of AI, the world of Lonely-Fans is going to come crashing down. The cartoon porn scene will remain unaffected. But porn with actual actresses is mostly going to end.

The top 1% of OF models will still be able to make a living. Obviously, the actresses in the traditional will make money. But for the rest of you, this is the end!

As AI technology advances, the need for real actresses will decrease. I’m focusing on the women for good reason. How many male actors can you name without Google? You can’t say Johnny Sins because he’s a household name. Memes probably gave his career a big boost.

The leftover women of the sex industry are left with a steep hill to climb. What will they do? What can they do?

They’re going to be getting normal jobs again. You’ll be seeing retail employees with very nice physiques soon. Which is fine, but they’ll have to explain resume gaps. But dating is going to be a different story.

Like it or not, the men that are actually worth it for a relationship will not accept a sex worker. They’ll most likely have to settle for someone that’s less than ideal. These women could spend a year or two fully abstaining from sex before reentering the dating scene.

This would get them out of a hedonistic mindset. Where pleasure is the primary good. Unfortunately, they’d still have to prove themselves.

Another option is starting a movement to legalize brothels. That way the economically displaced OF model has a job with consistent pay. However the brothel must post photos , and the first names of the employees.

In order to avoid the conflict from an unhappy significant other, that was completely unaware of the career path. It’s for everyone’s safety, that this information be easily obtainable. That’s not something you want to discover months or years into a relationship.

You could always form actual agencies for your OnlyFans smut. But I’ve got to be honest with you. You’re not going to be able compete with 2D, 3D, and AI pornography.

Art can provide the masturbator with all sorts of wild scenarios.

You can only provide them with the same scenes over, and over.

There’s no limit to what can be done with art based pornography. That’s why hentai is so big.

Reform yourself, and get a job at Chic Fil A.

Although the Democrats might be down to legalize brothels in blue states.

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