America’s 247th birthday & imperial decline

The United States is the empire in denial. Your average empire makes it to 250 years old. That’s 3 years away.

The United States will do one of two things. It’ll acknowledge the truth, and rebrand. The Empire of America could rise.

The United States is economically, and socially unstable. Typically, this leads to a paradigm shift. The autocracy button could be pushed soon.

Another option is slow decline, and balkanization. It’s important to remember that, the true elites of the world will retain influence. Many of these people are completely unknown to the world.

You’ll definitely witness a decline in social progress in both scenarios. The future is socially conservative. Free loving hedonism can only exist in times of incredible abundance.

It is becoming necessary to reform tribes, and clans that exist within the modern framework. Networking in social, and financial settings is necessary.

Nepotistic behavior instead of meritocratic behavior. Work with friends, and family. Prioritize them over outsiders.

Abandon that Anglo-American approach.

Religion & common culture are an incredibly easy thing to build a tribe around. You don’t have to build it around those things. But I’m just suggesting it as it is the most successful means of doing so.

When it comes to electoral participation. I’d recommend supporting the following movements. Because it’ll make government more favorable to you.

  • Social Democrats
  • Democratic Socialists
  • Conservative Populists
  • Social conservatives
  • Universal Basic Income Yangists

You want to enrich your neo-tribe or neo-clan. Earn enough to purchase large swathes of vacant land. As well as empty lots in urban areas.

Build things for your neo-group. Your neo-tribe must have influence over politics, education, and entertainment. The Age of the Individual is over.

The collective has returned.

The Reaganite & Clintonite mentality is dead.

You’re not a character in an Ayn Rand novel.

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