A return to tradition is the deconstruction of Whiteness

We’ve heard calls for a return to tradition since the 2010s. Traditionalists did try to keep it from the Alternative Right. But that ultimately failed.

Traditional beliefs, values, and aesthetics aren’t problematic. They’re come to us naturally. Stifling them encourages racial supremacy, and social intolerance.

White, Black, and Brown are American social constructs. Go anywhere else in the World today. They’ll proudly tell you who, and what they are.

Sometimes they’ll even try to get you to do the same.

Deconstructing Whiteness cannot be done through shaming, and progressive ideas. It can only be done through a return to traditional ways.

“White Man Bad!” – College going Liberal

Years of this led to the Rise of Richard Spencer, O9A, and so on. If a group of young men feels like they have no home. They’ll join gangs, cartels, mobs, and extremist groups.

If you’re a student of history, you know men are great at violence. Europeans, Turkics, and Persians treated it like a talent show. The past of these three groups still impacts the world.

Suppressing & shaming socially conservative values will create a reactionary response. If you force people to be liberal or feign liberalism.

Eventually, the response will be fascism. The warning sign that you’ve gone too far is conservative populism. Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis are warnings.

These two are not the fascist warlords coming to takeaway your Starbucks.

If you intend to deconstruct color based racial categories. You must encourage identification with the past. Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Nordic, Finno-Ugric, and Latin in the case of Europeans.

Encourage the revival of Pre-Christian religions among Europeans. Stop forcing a political platform upon Christian theology. Allow communities to form their own opinions.

Encouraging African Americans to reconnect with the traditions of West Africa is also essential. There’ll never be any healing until this occurs. 20th century Black nationalists have encouraged this.

Totalitarian universalism is harmful for all groups. Separate people from their roots will never create harmony. It creates a permanent revolution of pain.

Allow people to take pride in their history.

State enforced liberalism is a means of maintaining capitalist hegemony. The professional managerial class does the bidding of the ruling class. Your average activist is the foot soldier of the elite.

If SWAT isn’t pulling up, the Elites don’t actually consider you a problem. If the media isn’t aggressively attacking you, they aren’t scared. If Pepsi & Google stand in solidarity with you.

You’re not a revolutionary person.

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