Yes, Men are dropping out of capitalism

This is the fifth installment in my on-going discussion about modern society. Father Capitalism, Mother Feminism, and the Soft Pink Patriarchy newborn baby. Men are leaving established Western Capitalist society behind.

This has been my favorite little trend to observe for a minute.

The second installment of the series is especially important here. Because it provides citations relating to this subject specifically. I definitely recommend reading the entire series, but if I have to recommend one article to you.

It’d be “Soft Pink Patriarchy”, I will use this piece as a continuation of it. All links to previous posts in the series are provided below. In order to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

If you use Instagram, there’s a small chance of you hearing about the Davis Family. An African American gentleman with three plain looking White wives. Who I’m sure are very delightful to interact with.

What’s interesting is that, this man has found a way to get them to be the providers. Nick Davis doesn’t work, and he is a Father. He is a Soft Pink Patriarch.

The trades are desperate for new hires, and this is a traditionally male dominated career path. Ask any construction or plumbing company. They’re desperate as fuck for anybody with a heartbeat.

Men aren’t really going to college either.

So, they’ve effectively dropped out of traditional employment altogether. They’re not pursuing blue collar trades or college degrees. Women are struggling to find men that earn more than them.

Citation for that is in “Soft Pink Patriarchy”

Men are doing UBER, Doordash, and part time jobs. They’re usually trying to pursue a career in entertainment or athletics. Everyone wants to be a YouTuber or TikToker, but no one wants to fix pipes.

Lots of men promoting consumption raw eggs, and liver these days.

If they’re a little more masculine, and enterprising. They’ll listen to men like SNEAKO, and emulate what he’s done. Some will try to be the next Bitcoin Billionaire.

Plenty of young men getting involved with crypto, and Web3.

Automation is going to eliminate millions of jobs.

Service, manufacturing, and more. The business world is intent replacing as many humans as possible. In order to maximize profits.

They’re most likely going to keep more women in employed roles. With the rise of technology, the lower IQ males aren’t needed for much.

Higher IQ men will be fine. Automation is only really a threat for average, and low IQ males. Since everything they can do, there’s a machine that can do it too.

The IQ of men is varied, whereas the IQ of women clusters in the middle. Which is why they’re suitable for lower, and middle management roles.

Another thing to consider is the socialist unionist argument. Workers want better pay, benefits, and working conditions. You know what doesn’t demand those things?

Machines! A machine doesn’t need better pay or vacations. It’s a more optimized means of obtaining profits. That’s why online shopping killed the shopping mall.

Real life anecdotal evidence also backs up, what I’ve seen online. I know a guy that only does Doordash, and his Wife owns a Porsche Cayenne. My former co-worker that only does Instacart is marrying a girl from a Upper Middle Class family.

Hypergamy isn’t just for women anymore.

I’m sure, I’m not the only noticing this in real life.

Women also tend to be more loyal employees, and customers. Which is why I believe, they’ll be less impacted by automation. This is why corporations are cool with feminism.

A woman is a capitalist’s best friend.

Below you’ll find links to the other articles in the series. filled with citations, and thoughts on other social phenomena.

In the Cult of Cheeks essay, I discussed the rise of the butt fandom. How psychology, polytheism, and capitalism play a role.
In the Soft Pink Patriarchy essay, I discuss how feminism has spawned a new form of patriarchy. Women’s rise in capitalism has made them providers & sugar mommies for men. The roles are switching temporarily, but the winner is still male.
In The OnlyFans Apocalypse: When AI booty throws it back essay, I discuss the displacement of organic porn entertainers. I suggest religious repentance or brothel legalization.
In this essay, we’ll look at the impact of short form erotica online. Under 2 minute long Twitter porn, TikTok thirst traps, and IG model photos. How it affects the producer, and the consumer.

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