The Future of the American Right

Ron, Don, Vivek, and Yang?…

It isn’t Vivec from Morrowind & Elder Scrolls Online. Just in case, there is a need for clarification!

All of them present a vision for America, that is preferable to the one Joe Biden has presented. But their solutions are incomplete. They address some things, but they lack the visionary impulse to push beyond.

Let’s talk about immigration, and birth rates first!

The United Arab Emirates is doing everything they can to gobble up talent. Dubai is a hotspot for talent, and wealth alike. The American Dream lives in Dubai.

Every major American city should be just like Dubai. If you call yourself an American, and believe in making America great. You should be offended that, the United States is being outclassed by a city.

Our government, and academia caters to nonsensical emotional garbage. The United Arab Emirates does not. Our government doesn’t want you boiling water with gas stoves. But a Chernobyl level disaster in Ohio is being downplayed.

We should only have an immigration cap on men in the United States. Only 400,000 new high value male immigrants a year. Highly intelligent, and skilled males.

The United States doesn’t need to concern, it’s with the brain drain of other countries. All talented men should be encouraged to come to the United States. It’s an exceptional country for exceptional people.

When it comes to female immigration, the United States of America doesn’t need a cap. The citizenship of all women, who are eighteen to thirty-five should be fast tracked. This’ll all them to pursue their dreams, and it’ll boost the birth rate. It’s a win-win!

Low & average IQ males aren’t desirable applicants in the 21st century. With the rise of automation, and artificial intelligence. I’ve discussed this in an ongoing series.

I recommend this, and part two. Soft Pink Patriarchy

Average, and lower quality male applicants are no longer necessary. They’re actually a hindrance to the advancement of American civilization. Let Canada, and the bleeding heart Europeans have them.

Only high quality migration for our great empire.

This is one of many issues that need to be addressed.

The United States of America needs to maintain a birth rate of 3 children per couple. Our median age should be 25 or 30. A massive empire of a country must be youthful.

  • What Andrew Yang got right

While he is too timid for the role of President. He actually had great ideas. One of them being that the IRS does your returns automatically. Employers, and organizations like DraftKings are required to report.

It is unnecessary to both anyone with stressful inefficiency every year. But it’d be better just to abolish income taxation altogether. If that cannot be done, it should be as stress-free as the sales tax.

We pay that every day at the store.

The other excellent idea is universal basic income. This is a must as technology progresses. Plus it just creates more free time. Which is good!

  • The Constitutional Republic must evolve into an elective monarchy

Twenty-one Presidents have been re-elected out of forty-six. The American people are barely involved politically. There’s very little desire for political participation.

A minority of Americans actually care.

A political system similar to the Holy Roman Empire, and the Roman Republic is ideal long term.

  • Energy & infrastructure

We need to invest in nuclear energy, and arcology

Arcology, a portmanteau of “architecture” and “ecology“, is a field of creating architectural design principles for very densely populated and ecologically low-impact human habitats. – the Wiki

We must also invest in the ideas of Nikola Tesla. It’s time for a great technological revolution!

  • The Space Force, X-33, and space colonies

The United States must be the first to colonize the solar system. But in order to do this. We need a thriving space military.

Revive the original project! Along with creating a line of X-33 fighters. Step into the future!

  • The American Ministry of Mysticism & Orthodoxy

AMMO will be an interfaith federal agency. That’s tasked with developing a deep understanding of religion, and occultism. With the expressed intention of creating a more spiritually viable American World.

AMMO will have representation from every single religion, and tradition. Yes, that includes the taboo religious groups. All of them must be involved for a greater understanding.

  • Every single United States territory must be granted statehood


What should be taught in schools?

Other than the essentials.

  • Latin
  • Aramaic
  • Sanskrit
  • Aikido
  • Boxing
  • Archery
  • Weightlifting
  • Nutrition
  • Basic budget & investment skills

Geopolitics & so on

The Americas, and the Pacific should be our primary focus. Build strong ties with countries in these areas. The United States is in these areas. We do not currently control territory in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Although we could always extend the offer to England. On the condition that Ireland reunification occurs, and Scotland is independent.

The House of Windsor can retain an absolute governorship of the new state. But only if it’s William & Kate taking the position.

American property & who can own it

Foreign governments, and corporations cannot own essential properties in the United States. Real estate that’s residential, commercial, agricultural, and so on. This would also apply to dual citizens

If they want ownership in our country. They must abandon citizenship elsewhere.

Renting is still permitted.

They’ll own nothing in America & be happy!

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