NNNRS: $€£¥ The Return

Our humble news broadcast returned from the depths of the Underworld. Thanks to long form theory post burnout.

The introduction to the is brought to you by SlapFIGHT

Have you ever just wanted to slap a bitch? Compete in SlapFIGHT, Ladies! Where there’ll always be a bitch to slap!

The Nyx News Network, and it’s parent company Red Cult of Nyx must warn you that getting slapped hurts. But your monthly rent hurts more!

“Thanks for tuning into the first Red Spin in months! We’ve got so much to cover! Fighting, Trump 2024, and so much more!” Said Baron

Elder Scrolls music is playing during the commercial break. Baron is drinking grape Gatorade while observing clips of beautiful Mediterranean & Latin American women on Instagram.

“In the next segment, Let’s talk about SLAP Mountain! Ladies, If you want to slap a bitch for a living. There’s a industry for it! Let’s look at this amateur league!” Said Baron

Women’s Barbed Wire Slap!

“The Duck Dynasty of Slap Fighting, Folks! Only the most obscure entertainment for the enlightened Red Spin consumer!” Said Baron gleefully

Advertisements for Trump 2024, Vivec 2024, Hindu Temple Society, and Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center

“The Most Wicked Woman on Earth, Georgina Rose noticed something interesting. Adam might be the reincarnation of Rene Guenon! But why would Rene choose to be in Star Wars? Personally, I figured he’d be more of a fantasy guy.” Said Baron

The sounds of flatulence, and arousal pierce your ears during the break…

“I’m learning about the Necrons. The race poisoned by radiation abandoned flesh for metal. The android Egyptians that could rule all, if they actually got on the same page! Blood Angels, Necrons, and Beastmen are my favorite factions.

The Sautekh, and Novokh seem cool. The occasionally merciful conqueror Sautekh, and the blood ritualistic Novokh.” Said Baron

Jazz piano music break

“Now we talk about Trump” Said Baron

The absolute mad man himself wants to make Halo & Mass Effect real. Trump truly is the Gamer candidate. He’s like Larouche but with billions of dollars, and a stunning Wife.


Fuck your Great Leap, We’re doing Quantum Leaps in America!

It’s like things I’ve promoted before.

Here’s one platform article, I’ve got a few.
And another

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