The Tomb Under the Water Caste

A group of Water Caste Tau merchants came across a contaminated world, that is 75% water. The actual land is swamps, and marshes. Only one island is fairly solid like Terra or any world like it.

The aura of this island was frightening. As you get to the center of the island, there’s a Necron monolith broken into 3 pieces. Even though this hints at danger.

They chose to stay in order to research. The Tau discovered a minor dynasty called the Nilotekh.

This planet is called Nilos. The dynastic colors are obsidian blue, and grey.

They discovered an entrance to an archive in a swamp. As they walked down, the lights activated. A strange voice welcomed them.

They began downloading information from the archive.

Unauthorized access

The strange voice bellowed.

These Water Caste Tau ran as fast as they could back to the surface. They began examining it inside their ships.

The Nilotekh Dynasty was founded by Nilos the despoiler. The Nilotekh have been under the service of the Sautekh, Novokh, and Szarekhan dynasties in the past.

But in their slumber, they are free.

When they were last active, the Nilotekh would subjugate the planets of lesser species. Forcing them to entertain, and educate. If the Nilotekh didn’t feel stimulated by the experience.

They’d eradicate all life on the planet, and use it as a factory.

Nilos was said to derive some sexual pleasure from threatening them with death. The fearful eyes of the beings that entertained, and educated him made him cackle.

Nilos the despoiler was also known for keeping the prettiest ones as pets. Even if he decided to terminate their species. There’s a zoo somewhere under the water on this planet.

A small chance of life still being down there. Just waiting for Nilos to reawaken once more. His desire for fun is insatiable.

It is rumored that Slaanesh contacts him in his dreams. Offering his dynasty anything in exchange for loyalty.

New souls, resilient flesh that grows over the metal skeleton, and so much more!

The archive has record of this because it’s attached to the resting place of Nilos himself.

Nilos has ignored the offers so far…

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